I got my start making beats when a good friend of mine handed me my first music making program in 2000. It couldn't even record keyboards at the time nor midi. So, I taught myself to chop the loops it came with. It was all for kicks until another good friend started importing .mp3s into the program and started chopping samples. After that I was hooked. As the years changed the program became more and more of a full functional digital audio workstation (DAW) which allowed me to experiment with keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, turntables, microphones, vocoders, etc.

I built and tore down 3 studios in 7 years. My most recent creation was built February 2008. I named it 37Hundred (http://www.37Hundred.com) after a late friend of mine, Desperado Dre.

I got my first big break when my best friend gave me the opportunity to play beats for San Quinn. I brought my heaters and it was a wrap. Later on, we worked day in and day out putting together one of his most anticipated albums, "From a Boy to Man". My favorite memory working with San Quinn was right before we were wrapping up the album I played him one last beat. That beat was "Rockin' Up Work", which not only became a street anthem and arguably one of the best songs on the album, but the wave I will ride for the rest of my life. BUWWAAY! Since then its been an incredible journey. Quinn's manger said to me at our first recording session, "...once you fuck wit Quinn, you start fuckin' wit everybody." Little did I know.