DJ Touré - Freestyle Sessions: Episode 2 - ft. Nio tha Gift

DJ Toure and Nio Tha Gift team up for a real freestyle session. Shout out to Nio for keepin' it 100. Shout out to the director Dylan Freitas-D'Louhy as well. This is well edited and the color correction is on point.


Drake - Started From The Bottom

You can't deny this record is dope and if you don't think so, I think you're not relating to the record enough. Grind harder kid! T. DOT, nuff said ya'bish!


Nio Tha Gift - Forever (prod. Ekzakt

Nio tha Gift blesses the mic with his R&B talents. Don't sleep on the fam! I promise you haven't seen nothing yet. Succeed Never Fail!

DaVinci - Nothin Finna Stop Me

Great record, dope visual, makes for an undeniable formula for the SWTBRDS collective. Thorobred ya'bish!

The Confect - Bxtch Don't Kill My Vibe

One of my favorite cuts off Kendricks Lamar's album, "Good Kid, Maad City" is "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe." This re-mix is pretty cool. Although, I'm not too sure if they are Kendricks original lyrics, but I'm not surprised if he wrote them himself. The band that put this together is named, The Confect. Enjoy!

H∆SHTAG$ - Don't Call It #CloudRap

I really never knew nothing much about these sub genres. Music is music however you hear it. This doc is bottom line ill and an eye opener for myself. Shout out Main Attrakzions!!

NEW ALBUM: J Billion "Above the Rim"

Just like the album "Super Steezy" J Billion and myself spent a lot of time putting together these songs. A Steezy day in the studio goes down like this:
  • J Billion comes in
  • We listen to music, old & new
  • Smoke
  • Come back make the beat, half way through JB is already writing
  • Record
  • Smoke
  • Vibe out
  • STEEZ!
Enjoy the new album! Above the Rim. 


"Beat Catalog 2013 Vol. 1"

It's been nearly 3 years since I released a current beat catalog for the public due to a number of creative concerns, but I'm back and depending on how things go there is a possibility a new catalog will drop every month just like the 30 + beat catalogs I put out in the past. So, thank you to all the listeners and supporters who motivated me to get this catalog together. As always, it's first come first served. Once the beat is purchased it's gone!

If you were an avid listener of the past you know that the catalog's contents will have a various selection of beats. This time around I included a little bit of everything from trap, hip-hop, experimental and what every one seems to keep asking; "Bay Shit."

Inside the zip are 10 tracks as usual and the prices. If you want to make an inquire email me. Enjoy!