Zion I "Shadow Boxing" (Video)

Zumbi with this crazy visual for "Shadow Boxing." This shoot looked like a lot of fun. I always imagined myself directing Kung Fu flicks so this was very reminiscent of my childhood.

Joey Bada$$ "Waves"

Dope record. Kid is nice and, "you should know this maaaaaaaan." -smokey

Kendrick Lamar "Backseat Freestyle"

Kendrick is a beast for this record. The entire album is amazing. You should go out and buy it, download it, burn it, or steal it from your friend. It is a must hear! Shout out to Sherane at 2:34, she got dat ass ass ass ass. Enjoy!


Emassin "La Belle Noire"

My homie Emassin is the truth. I know that cause he's my brother. You need to listen to understand. Enjoy!

J Billion "Above the Rim" (prod. Dex Beats)

J Billion's next project "Above the Rim" is coming soon. Here is the title track from none other than Bay Area Producer, Dex Beats. Enjoy!

This beat is composed of a Bobby Brown and an iconic Isley sample.


Rafael Casal "FUEGO"

Without a doubt you can expect Raf to gas on anything. The main shit I'm talkin' bout! Shout out the Get Back crew!

Rocky Rivera "La Madrina" (Ballad of Griselda Blanco)

Shout out to the growing talent, Nina Parks for directing Rocky's latest visual. Rocky's ode to the Godmother of Cocaine is definitely a direct visual to any fan of the "Cocaine Cowboys" documentary. Enjoy!

sayknowledge "Lap Up"

Been following the young homie for quite some time now. Kid is fresh and backed by a Dill'esque instrumental a rooted hip hop fan could not complain. We need more humility back in hip hop and like it or not, a gang of balloon bitches solves just that.