Nio Tha Gift "Hustler's Spirit" (Album)

Nio Tha Gift releases his latest album today entitled "Hustler's Spirit" on iTunes and in stores. The production, concept, and lyricism is on point. I had the pleasure to work with Nio Tha Gift since the release of "Rebel With A Cause." On the new album you can find my production on "Convex Mirrors" "Tired" and "Take it Back."

Freeway, one of my favorite artist hands down. I'm quite late on his newly released album, "Diamond in the Ruff" but I'm sure to give it a thorough listen ASAP. This record is so ill. Patiently waiting to cut a record with the legend. :)

Rey Resurrecction "Everyday Hustle"

Shout out to the homie Rey for an exclusive look into his grind. Dope beat bro!

A$AP Rocky "F**kin' Problems"

You already know the mighty collaboration is real. Here it is in HD.