Who is Berkeley Rapper 100s?

I thought I share a piece by 38th Notes before we get into 100s "Brick $ell Phone" Video. Enjoy!

Over the past week, we’ve seen everyone from little kids to grown ass people dressed in elaborate costumes and masquerading in the spirit of Halloween. One such character is a Berkeley pimp named 100s. 100s isn’t actually a pimp, but on his first album Ice Cold Perm, it’s a character he executes with chilling precision. The 19 year-old emcee was born to, and raised by, an African father and Jewish mother in Berkeley before being sent to boarding school in the Ivory Coast as punishment for acting out. It was in Africa that he started to rap, in addition to learning to speak French to communicate with his grand parents.

Needless to say this is not the typical evolution of an American rapper. Some detractors in the comment section of an interview 100s did with VICE have honed in on what they perceive to be a lack of authenticity, because he is of some privilege and isn’t a real pimp. I for one am glad that his Ice Cold Perm persona is fiction rather than auto-biography. What these particular rap nerds are inferring is that they can only enjoy his music if he’s actually trafficked, brain washed, and sold female bodies. It’s a voyeuristic dilemma for squares hoping to live vicariously through an authentic hood oppression that will never touch them. ...continue reading

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