New Zion I album "Shadow Boxing"

Its been over a decade since the first mainstream file sharing application hit the internet, so let me thank Napster for introducing me to Zion I when searching for a collection of Bob Marley records. "Silly Puddy" put me on to the dynamic duo and "Mind over Matter" solidified to me that Bay Area had emcee's and a real Hip-Hop scene along side, Hieroglyphics & Souls of Mischief. I'm really not ashamed to admit I was a "backpacker" in th 90's. Some will never understand "backpacker" had a complete different meaning 15 years ago. Besides the point, I'm forever grateful to have been a fan, an opening act, friend and blessed to be a part of Zion I's latest album, "Shadow Boxin"!!

Here is the latest video:

The titles I produced off "Shadow Boxing" are "Anymore" & "Re-Load" #BLESS

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