C Plus "MPN" (Prod. Lee Bannon)

C Plus doin' what emcees do best, murk ill beats like this. Salute to Lee Bannon for bringing me back to them Company Flow days. This sample had me geeking.


Zion I "Re-Load" (prod. Dex Beats)

Bless up to the Zion I crew! Special thanks to Mark Arcenal from Fatlace (www.fatlace.com) & Element Case Company www.elementcase.com. Shot & Edited by Sato Studios.

Hopie "Heartbeats"

Hopie and David Dutton always makes for a very cool video. Record is really catchy in a pop kind Theophilus London kinda way. Salute to my cousin. She's amazing!


New Zion I album "Shadow Boxing"

Its been over a decade since the first mainstream file sharing application hit the internet, so let me thank Napster for introducing me to Zion I when searching for a collection of Bob Marley records. "Silly Puddy" put me on to the dynamic duo and "Mind over Matter" solidified to me that Bay Area had emcee's and a real Hip-Hop scene along side, Hieroglyphics & Souls of Mischief. I'm really not ashamed to admit I was a "backpacker" in th 90's. Some will never understand "backpacker" had a complete different meaning 15 years ago. Besides the point, I'm forever grateful to have been a fan, an opening act, friend and blessed to be a part of Zion I's latest album, "Shadow Boxin"!!

Here is the latest video:

The titles I produced off "Shadow Boxing" are "Anymore" & "Re-Load" #BLESS

Bambu "Rent Money" feat. Rocky Rivera

The fam come together for Bambu's debut video for his new album, "One Rifle Per Family" now available on iTunes. "Rent Money" is produced by Chops and the video directed by Northbound.