DB tha General x Davinci "Know Bout Us"

Big up to SMKA for collaborating on this Bay Area compilation that Thizzler is presenting. Look out for all the behind the scene footage from each song which was recorded at 37Hundred. Shout out to Left Lane productions who was also a very big part of this BAYTL compilation. Coming Soon.

Darkest Before Dawn features some of the dopest up & coming artists and established artists from the Bay Area, including Roach Gigz, iamsu!, Mistah FAB, The Jacka, Shady Blaze, Young Gully, Erk Tha Jerk, Symba, Richie Cunning, A-1, Zumbi, NhT Boyz, Willie Joe, Nio Tha Gift, Moe Green, and Cousin Fik. -via thizzler.com

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