So it's been a 3 week hiatus since I blogged due to being extremely busy w/ my 2nd start up. As far as music, I've been in the lab working on production for Zion I's next album, The Jealous Guys, Nio Tha Gift, and just wrapped the BAY AREA x SMKA mixtape presented by thizzler.com. I've also come to terms that I need to drop a project of my own in June, so look out for that.  "Luxury Feels Better Earned". I say this because after a long week and a fantastic month, there's nothing better than chilling in luxury w/ fam & friends. Enjoy the updated timeline.

Nick Ngo on the Midi Fighter 3D

Check out the homie Nick on the Midi Fighter, a customizable midi trigger pad. Sick!

Rey Ressureccion "Untitled" x "Hometoewn"

San Jose stand up!! Look out for the new album entirely produced by Nima Fadavi.

Pusha T "Exodus 23:1"

"Do not spread false reports. Do not help a wicked man by being a malicious witness. - Exodus 23:1

Pusha T puts out this record as a reality check for anyone signed to YMCMB. You know, the label w/ Lil Wayne, Drake, Young Money, etc. I think the beef is unnecessary to air it out considering that we know 99.9% of the music industry is pure entertainment and completely based on experiences and other peoples stories. 99.9% may be an over exaggeration, but the diss is real and Lil Wayne's comeback was wack as hell. LOL! Hip-Hop strives, and no one is safe. Shout out to the director Samuel Rogers for delivering an eye-opening video.


A$AP Rocky "Goldie"

Not your typical A$AP record but I can dig the late '80s feel. I mean, c'mon now. The kid is from Harlem and owes it to himself to keep it NY for once. Enjoy!!

Hopie "No Chase"

Hopie off them "Raw Gems" which is available on iTunes and all digital stores. Don't get any ideas. You do not want to stalk Hopie.

E-40 "Catch A Fade" feat. Droop-E & Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick's hook and monotone verse is just too ill. Over all I fucks with this record. I really appreciate E-40 collaborating with all the ill upcoming artist in Cali. Salute!!

Damey "AC Cool" feat. Zach Walls & Lambo

The homie Damey goin' HAM on BART displaying that SBI to the fullest. Great video.

Nio Tha Gift x SWSW 2012

Let the brodie Nio Tha Gift take you on his SXSW journey. Shout out to Tim House of IMG.


The Jealous Guys "Love and Other Drugs"

The Jealous Guys drops a powerful message if you allow it. Not only does the video look amazing (s/o David Laven & Will) but the record is solid. Expect more work from The Jealous Guys, this is very much just the tip of the iceberg with a very impressive foundation.