Nas "The Don"

Nas the Don Nas the Don Nas the Don Nas the Don New York City! Illmatic on a bitch!

Erk Tha Jerk "Sunday Morning"

Let the beat drop! I've been mad busy catchin' paper and fell off since 4/20 so let this post be Erk'd out. Make sure you download "Third's Eye View". I got to listen to the record while color correcting a movie, and I must say; SOLID!



Zion I presents "Zumbi 420" [DOWNLOAD]

I couldn't be higher on my own hype today as Zumbi from the legendary Zion I crew dropped "Zumbi 420". A 4 track mixtape dedicated to 420 produced by Dex Beats & Traxamillion. WHAAAT! Dex Beats & Traxamillion? I couldn't of asked for a better counter part to represent with Zumbi. I grew up on Zion I's "Mind Over Matter" and Traxamillion's "Slap Addict" and this is definitley a milestone in my musical career. Bless up and happy 420!!


A-1 "The Book of Adam"

Very well done piece by the folks at Werehaus. A-1 was recently featured on a beat I did for TeamBackpack that should be dropping very soon. Stay Tuned!

DB Tha General "Don't Worry x Think Big" feat. Kurt Diggler

I just gotta say that my only experience with DB was fun as hell and I have mad respect for his grind and talent. DB is definitely gifted and in my eyes a mad hyphy genius. Check out this video!


The Jacka & Freeway Album (coming soon)

The Jacka "We Out Here"

Not sure what record this one belongs to, but you can expect it to be on Jacka's 3 disc set "The Indictment,The Verdict,The Sentence."


Team Backpack: Chase Moore x Fredo x Shark Sinatra (prod. Dex Beats)

I had the pleasure and honor to work with Team Backpack on their 4th season and produce a beat for one of their Cyphers. This is one of the 2 ciphers that will drop this month which features Chase Moore, Fredo, and Shark Sinatra. Enjoy!

More from the artist:
Chase Moore: http://chasemoore.bandcamp.com/
Fredo: http://www.mutamf.com/
Shark Sinatra: http://soundcloud.com/sharksinatra

The Road to "2 WORDS" w/ Symba

Symba's latest mixtape released the other day. Hottest Out is the "2 Words" you need to attach to Symba. Before I go any further DOWNLOAD 2 WORDS! Here is a 15min documentary directed by Demondre Ward, in my opinion did a great job with this piece. I had the chance to work with Symba on a record called "Hot Summer" feat Yung Murph which turned out real fresh. Check out the documentary for scenes from my studio during a particular session with Erk Tha Jerk as well.

Symba "Hot Summer" feat. YMTK, Trev Case (prod. Dex Beats)

C-Plus "Highs and Lows"

C-Plus drops his first leak from his upcoming project L.O.C.A.L. (Loyalty Over Cash and Luxury) produced by the Sacramento heat makers, Hippie Sabotage. Record is smooth, but I can't deny the homie of his steez. Everything he drops is fire.

Meek Mill "Faded Too Long"

Dream Chasers 2 coming soon! Stay Tuned.


Mac Miller "Thoughts From A Balcony"

Mac Miller is on a roll this month. This record brings me back to "K.I.D.S." which makes this a very good thing. Steez.


Symba "Two Words"

Bay Area up & comer Symba has been featured many times on this website, so you should already know the kid got bars. His upcoming mixtape "2 words" also features a track I produced entitled "Hot Summer" feat Yung Murph & Trev Case. "2 Words" is set to release April 11, 2012. Make sure you download this mixtape @ therealsymba.com
Here is the first leak.


RZA Headphones? #connect

When RZA mentioned you can mix with these headphones it made me wonder. Really RZA? Other than that, it's dope to see RZA doing his thang. WU TANG CLAN AINT NUTHIN TO FUCK WIT!

Drake "HYFR" feat Lil' Wayne

This video is dope. What makes it even better is that it's actual events. This record is solid as well. Happy Easter!

Coinciding with the Jewish holiday of Passover, Drake and director Little X invite the viewer to watch as the Canadian-born emcee gets re-Bar-Mitzvah’d with a hodgepodge of attendees like Baby and DJ Khaled who all bask in the revelry.


Black C "Brand Nu" feat. Simon & A.R.

New from Bay Area's own Black C from the legendary RBL Posse. Czar is definitely one of the vets in the Bay that can rock on a smooth joint real well.

Mac Miller "Loud" & "Of the Soul"

Must be fun to be a millionaire and independent. Shout out to Miller for the continued success. I've read a couple of comments on his youtube and fans are getting mislead with his new sound. My 2 cents is that in today's industry you cant stay in one genre or box that you don't own. He has to find a sound that he can call home. In the meantime he can make whatever he likes due to supply and demand.


Iggy Azalea "Murda Bizness" feat. T.I. (CDQ)

All respect to Iggy, there's no doubt she has the complete package and she can gas. My response to this record is that it sounds like a total Bay rip off. Nonetheless, a Travis Porter hook. But what can the Bay Area do but embrace it. The record slap. Sheesh! DOWNLOAD


Stalley "Everything New"

Stalley gassin. Thats all. Directed by Rik Cordero

Rocky Rivera "GRLZ" feat. Irie Eyez

The girls are back, this time doing what they do best, emceein'. I love how this video brings back memories. In retrospect, we was all young and having a great time together really getting to know each other. I'm glad to say that I can call these girls when I need them. I can't believe Irie is rapping! Steez!

Sene - Feel. (short)

Pure artistry at its best. Brooklyn emcee/producer pushing the envelope in every direction. This video and his music inspired me to do the same. This was too refreshing. Thank you Sene.

Meek Mill "Lean Wit It"

If I can choose an artist I would love to work with right now, it be Meek Mill damn'it!

ndeluv "Dreams Money Can Buy"


P-FUNK "Moonstruck"

I have to say that this is a solid piece of work from the P-FUNK and executive producer Sir Tipp. A very mellow, melodic, transcendent body of work. Enjoy!