March 2012 "Last Saturday" Dex Beats x Team Backpack

I catch up with team backpack every so often, trust I'm an avid viewer. I completely respect the young hip hop community in the Bay Area and have to tip my hat off to Team Backpack curators again for providing such a positive outlet for the community. I used to see so many ciphers outside clubs, at malls, bus stops, coffee shops, on Haight St., etc. Its great to see it exposed to a greater audience, even though I'm sure half the crowd are aspiring emcee's as well. COME THRU this Saturday, March 31'st, I'll be in attendance to witness my own beats, 2 at that, get annihilated by artist I have yet to work with. $5 TICKETS


Day with Dash: Philippines (Day 2)

My hat is tipped and a major 3rd World Hustle Salute to Mike Dash E for putting on for the Philippines. I've always had the utmost respect for the youngblood the day I seen him at one of my own shows backstage hustling his tapes, maybe 5 years ago. This video took me back home and definitely reminded me of the culture shock and emotions running thru my body having to witness the hard times in the Philippines. Salute fam!

Locksmith "My Character" feat. GLC

Richmond, California artist Locksmith with yet another solid record from his FREE EP "Labrinth". Diggin' the quick delivery over the smooth beat. DOWNLOAD LABRINTH.

NPire Da Great "Live it Up"

The Sac fam at it again. Written and produced by the great, NPire for his upcoming album "Legends Never Die" which will have features from Planet Asia,The Jacka, C Plus, and Mark Noxx. LND is also entirely produced by NPire himself. Steez!


Lee Majors "Dope Fumes" (prod. Dex Beats)

Dope fumes is from Lee Major's latest mixtape "Ace of Cake 3" hosted by DJ Racks. It's been a minute I had a mob release, but rest assure I have a feeling a few records will surface soon.


J Billion x Ruby Red-I "Kill Switch"

This project is completely produced by one of San Francisco notorious DJ's "Ruby Red-I" and the killa on the tracks is none other than my Steezy half, J Billion. DOWNLOAD!


Nardwar x ASAP MOB

Nardwar strikes again!

Neguin opens Juste Debout Steez 2012

Super Fuckin' Steezy.

Nick James "Light Up"

Who tha fuck is Nick James!? Thats the homie and we cut records together you biiiitch! Giant Elephant bwuay!

In the studio.

Nick James "Coastin"

Roll up and Coast!

Evenodds "What Dreams Are Made Of" ft. Music For Animals

Evenodds with that new visual from the "Revision". A solid record with a strong message! Bless.


Team Backpack presents "Last Saturday"

The folks over at Team Backpack have reached out and asked to provide beats for their next big cypher. I've always been a fan of their work and am honored to have placed 2 beats at their next session. Make sure you purchase tickets at teambackpack.net and make sure your there to witness.

ZION I "Livity" Mixtape (DOWNLOAD)

In effort to help promote the new Zion I album, "Shadow Boxing" they release a REAL mixtape, meaning you can't skip thru records. Download and get that dose. Also, I had the pleasure to work with Zumbi the other night. Hopefully, this year we can make a collaboration happen.


J Billion "Not Guilty"

Oh the irony to this song! Lol. Produced by the homies of the Risky Biz Crew, "Not Guilty" from J Billion's next mixtape "Above the Rim".


REL "Out of View" (DOWNLOAD)

A very good friend of mine and fellow producer, REL released his new instrumental album entitled "Out of View". As always it has this very lo-fi chill sound, but in comparison to some of his later work the drums were more dirty and filtered much like "Herringbone" something I guess I'm really used to from the Bay Area producer. Nonetheless, a very clean mix. I wonder if @Aljieh of SWTBRDS had anything to do with that. It's a great download and I encourage all my smokers and lovers of hip hop music to DOWNLOAD it.


Damey "Simply Lemonade"

Simply Lemonaaaaaaaaaaaaade! That's the homie, dope shit D!


Joey BADA$$ x Capital STEEZ "Survival Tactics"

This kid is is too ill. There is no doubt in my mind that Brooklyn breeds killer talent. On top of all that, I couldn't help but go wild about Joey using Styles of Beyond's "Survival Tactics" instrumental. Someone please tell me how the hell a 17 year old emcee got a hold of the "Survival Tactics" instrumental. Thats fuckin' crazy! WTF!

"17 year old Brooklyn native Joey BadA$$ debuts his video for "Survival Tactics" the first release off his solo Project "1999" slated to drop late march 2012. The song features fellow Brooklyn based artist Capital STEEZ . Joey along with Steez are original memebers of the BK based movement Pro.Era (Progressive Era: http://proera.tumblr.com/). The project is being released by SOW the brainchild of Cinematic Music Group and Creative Control.tv"

E-40 "Function" feat. Problem, IAMSU, YG (DOWNLOAD)

Yaaaaay Areeeaaa! Great to see a solid collaboration with E-40 and Iamsu. Suzy's verse over 40 tho, zaaaam! DOWNLOAD


Mike Dash E "Why they call me Dash" (prod. Dex Beats)

You know your music moves and inspires when your production is used to express such an honest and real side of an artist most people don't know much about. I'm sure Mike's trip to the Philippines means just as much as I am honored to have my production paired with this powerful visual. Shout out Miggy Enriquez & JB Balingit for capturing such a momentous event. Salute! 3rd World Hustle! Get Familiar!


ndeluv "Smoke With You" feat. sayknowledge

San Francisco got the best tree and the dopest independent artists. Come smoke with us! Shout out to Will Orantes of Extraordinary Productions for yet another cool video!