Lil B through the eyes of Too Short

I always told people when Lil B name come up in conversation that the kid ain't crazy. You have to understand the "I DONT GIVE A FUCK" mentality of an artist. It's differenct for everyone, but in B's case it's just freedom of expression in its purest form. I may not be a fan of his music, but I have total utmost respect for his artistry and for being human. Keep cookin' B!


Zumbi "Champion" feat Bass Nectar

You can always depend on Zumbi to push the envelope further everytime.


Big Up David Choe!!! STEEZ!!!

You heard the story, right? In a nut shell, $200 Million to a graffiti artist! I did community service and probation for bombing back in '98 and my parents were devastated and never understood it. Until now! The look on my moms face when when she broke the news to me about David Choe and his infamous gamble with Facebook, priceless! LMAO at the anonymous caller who offered him $2M for a lifetime supply of oral sex. Fuckin crazy!

Facebook 2005

Time Lapse 2009



Nate "Innerlude"

"Common Folk" is the name of Nate's free LP and this is the first video of many installments directed by ChasenPaper of 24KMC set to release 3-27-2012. From the looks of the video I'm sure the "Common Folk" will be an original masterpiece.


Nio Tha Gift "No More Mr. Nice Guy" (DOWNLOAD)

This is such a dope mixtape that showcases Nio Tha Gift's talent over industry records. Its plain and simple, Nio Tha Gift has serviced the Bay Area with great music and lyricism, so if you were a fan of the instrumentals you hear on this mixtape its undeniable to the kind of impact he can have on the world. Do yourself a favor, close your eyes, picture the words and paint yourself a picture. This is SNF, Succeed Never Fail. Ya'heemi! http://niothagiftmusic.bandcamp.com/

P-FUNK "Vice City"

The Fam is back and strong with a super steezy video from the Bloop Gawd Cash Diesel. P Funk is preppin' for some kind of release. I wish I knew, but the kid throws out so many names and titles of projects I get lost in the loop. But nonetheless, you can expect good music.


Ski Beatz "Heaven Is" feat. C Plus

A dynamic duo, nonetheless. Plus pushin' that hardline making moves most artist are afraid to. Why not fly out to New York and cut a record with one of the best producers out? For Plus, there's no question. Ski is responsible for some of the illest records including Jay-Z's "Dead Presidents" and "Feelin' It" which in my opinion are some of the dopest Jay-Z records from Reasonable Doubt. Catch "Heaven Knows" from Ski Beatz album "Twilight". iTunes

ScHoolboy Q "Nightmare on Fig St."

Another Top Dawg elite! Their roster is vicious and I've been slappin' Q's "Habits & Contradictions" for a good 2 weeks now. You should too, album is crack!

Kendrick Lamar "Rigamortis"

One of the ill cuts from "Section 80". I remember watching an interview and mentioned to Pharell that he did this song in one take. Steez the FUCK out!


Hopie "Say Goodbye" feat. Jayne Rio

Another Hopie and Dutton collaboration. Can't forget the wicked Jayne Rio, that's fam. Enjoy!

Tidus "The Age"

3|4 get familiar. Produced by Tidus himself. Look out for "The Doors EP"

Young Gully "They Don’t Ride For Me”

GULLY!!! Go buy his latest album, "DAVID".

MTV’s 2012 Hottest MC In The Game #8 #9: Wiz Khalifa (Video)

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BWUUAAAAAY, this shit cray!

Kendrick Lamar "Cartoon & Cereal" (DOWNLOAD)

I got tickets for the Club Paradise Tour for Valentines Day and will be seeing Kendrick and ASAP perform along side Drizzy. That's pretty fuckin' ILL! Here is Kendricks latest record. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD


Childish Gambino "Heartbeat"

Diggin' the treatment of this video. CG is a dope artist too.

Freeway "Master of Ceremony"

Karmaloop and Freeway come together for Karmaloop music and Rocksmith "Freedom of Speech".

Moe Green "Deja Vu"

Its been a minute since I had a Green post, and tonight I ran into "Deja Vu" which is a really ill song with a very powerful visual. Don't sleep on Moe Green's latest work, "Lion Heart" either. Download @ Superduperdope.com


Jay-Z & Kanye West "Ni**as In Paris"

Oh the joy of performing in front of thousands on thousands! Steez.


Nipsey Hussle "Rose Clique"

Show Banga "Don't Forget to Vote"

Showy for Mayor? I thought Quinn was the Mayor of SF! HA! Nonetheless Showy still one of them nice emcees out here doin' it for the Bay. When you comin' back to the studio bwuay?! Lets work.


Ya Boy "How You Feel"

Rocka! It's been a minute since I posted something from the Fillmore alumni, Ya Boy. San Francisco outta be proud of Ya Boy still doin' his thang tough!


Kooley High "Drop a Dime"

Cool vibe. "These little kids has lost they mind, so I'm gon drop a dime. I'm gonna lose my mind if they get on!" LMAO, love the hook! Kooley High bitch.

Raekwon on How the Wu’s Solo Careers Hurt the Crew

Wu Tang was like my heavy metal, feel me!? At the peak of their existence, I was doing mad shit an adolescent would do in the early 90's. I still slap thier albums and feel like gettin' into some shit. That raw energy will remain forever. Listening to Rae speak on the crew is pretty cool. But that crew was never meant to stay together. Long live the WU and Rest in Peace, Ol' Dirty Bastard.

G.E.T.V.: Nick Jame$ Recording at Dex Beats Studio

The homie and Giant Elephant came to the studio to rock some work up. Here's a little something to help you visualize how it goes down from the other side of the glass. By the way, you should be expecting to hear some work from us too. www.giantelephant.com

Mistah FAB "If The Streets Could Talk" (prod. Dex Beats)

Shout out to Mistah FAB for dropping "If the Streets Could Talk" from his latest album, "I Lost My Backpack 2. The Lost Notebook". Go copp that!

Phlo Finister "Bang Bang"

C'mon, how can you deny these bars on Shook Ones? If you haven't already, you need to download Phlo's latest release "Crown Gold EP." http://phlofinister.com/