Jeffro "Rain"

Dope music make for dope videos. Bravo!

N-Pire Da Great & C PLus "Cold War"

Sacramento flame spittas scorch this record. I can't expect nothing less from these two. Their delivery is cold blooded. The record is also produced by Clams Casino who is also responsible for "Brainwashed By London" of The Jealous Guys and a lot of records from Harlem's own, ASAP. Shout out to the Stoner Gang fam.


Drake "The Motto" feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga [VIDEO]

From the gate before the video I already knew the song would be a problem due to the fact that every coast just loves to swagger jack our region. It's a dope record, only because it's our sound and I gig to this shit. Slappin' Drake and Weezy on it is just proven fact that our sound is original and major labels can't help but jack our sound because the Bay can break records. What I don't get, is I already heard 100's of songs like this from the young local talent and yet, no radio play. WTF!? Oh, and nice boots Weezy! Not steezy.


Loverance "UP" feat. 50 Cent, Iamsu, Skipper [VIDEO]

C Plus "Viernes Negro 2" DOWNLOAD

The sequel to C Plus' Black Friday tape is Viernes Negro 2. The project features guest appearances from N Pire, Chase Moore, Illecism, & Street Knowledge and production from Hippie Sabotage, Nicatyne, and Lee Bannon. The project was executive produced by Hippie Sabotage - the production duo that with Chase Moore, crafted the ALL C.I.T.Y. sound. DOWNLOAD

Amp Live for President

Z&G&E (Zion I, The Grouch and Eligh) and Evidence birthed a dope song and video this past month while on the road together! The guys just finished the extremely successful (mostly sold out) 19 city "How The Grouch Stole Christmas Tour". DOWNLOAD


DJ Fresh vs. Amp Live at How The Grouch Stole Christmas

We are still very deeply rooted in Hip Hop here in the Bay Area. This performance battle/between super producers, Amp Live and Dj Fresh is solid proof we've evolved. The MPC vs the 1200, that's inspiring. DJ Fresh is so sick for that juggle routine at the end. I thought I was watching Roc Raider for a minute. Dope!


Loverance "UP" feat. 50 Cent (DOWNLOAD)

Something big went down in the Bay, but till it's announced and official I'll keep my mouth sealed. But, by the looks of the behind the scenes footage provided below, it's not hard to see that there is something brewing. It's a beautiful thing and very fortunate opportunity to see the emerging young talent in the Bay collaborating with a global super star like 50 Cent. This kind of stuff doesn't happen on a fluke. A lot of grind and effort and most importantly the belief that you can make something out of nothing, is what makes the dream work.


The Kev Choice Ensemble @ Yoshi's SF

Gotta give it up to Kev Choice for having an ensemble. Now that's production at it's most organic. Makes me think, what would a live Bethoven beat sound like.


Bobby Brackins "Golden State" ft. Iamsu and Roach Gigz (DOWNLOAD)


Jeffro "As We March"

The homie and fellow producer, Jeffro with a 360 production. Meaning, he made the beat, filmed and directed a music video for it. That's how true artistry is presented. Great job brodie!

Droop-E "Like a Tatoo" (VIDEO)

These records will remain timeless. If you have yet, to download the Black Scale x Diamond compilation orchestrated by Droop-E you're definitely missing out. The whole album was created from Sade records and has also includes some notable features. Oh, and E-40's son? His name is Droop-E.

Hopie "Motto" (remix)

Real Bitches Wsup!? Hopie killing Drake's record. What more can I say? Steez.

A Day in the life w/ Jerm Jilla x Mac Miller

Why not catch up with Bay Area pioneer, Jerm Jilla. He's been doing his thang real tough and I salute the global grind he got going. There's not many people in the world that can make a living from what they love, let alone from something they started out just for kicks. Jerm is definitely an original and all you knock off biters need to find your own steez. Stop stealing Bay swag, ho!


Freeway & Tek "Two Kings"

This was very well needed! I appreciate these moments when blogging music and you stumble upon records like these. Not only do I think FREEWAY has the illest delivery I've heard, but Tek from Smif n Wessun is a legend and was a big inspiration in my day. Ha! Remember Coco Brovas, whyyyy!? Lol. Sound bwuaay still got it. Never doubted it.

Snood Dogg x Wiz Khalifa freestyle

Damn, these freestlyes suck! LMAO. But they make dope records and that's why I buy them.


J Stalin "Who Are You" [ VIDEO ]

As simple as J-Stalin's hooks could be sometimes, they catchy as fuck every time. I remember slappin this song hard while drinking in the back of a Caddy. Yah, I'm bout that life. Steez.

J Billion "Smoke Somethin" feat. Plus Money

Another music video from our project "Super Steezy" directed by Erick Lee of Bosse Media. Steez.

TeamBackPack feat. Nate, A-1, Esque

Dope session, but the last guy fell off. How bout them Niners!


Day With Dash

You already know. Clap Clap City bitch! Salute to the homie always. #grind


Souls of Mischief "Hiero HQ"

From the Souls of Mischief album "Montezuma's Revenge"