Happy Thanksgiving to all my supporters and listeners!!

I am truly grateful for the support, love, and motivation I receive day to day from friends, family and fans. I love creating music. I hope to be an inspiration to aspiring artists, producers and minds alike. Happy Thanksgiving!!

To show my appreciation I have for you 3 free beats, holiday steez. Enjoy and give credit where due!


The Jealous Guys "Walkin' Around"

Another amazing experience through the eyes of director Chasenpaper and words from the Jealous Guys. Download the "Audio Book EP."


J Billion "Feel Me" (prod. Dex Beats)

The first track and first music video from J Billion's sophomore album, "Super Steezy" was produced by Dex Beats and Directed by @MrJza of Bloopset. Make sure to download the album, from the sidebar.

J Billion "Super Steezy" (DOWNLOAD)

J Billion and I took a lot of time in the studio having fun with the creative process when creating this album. It took us numerous attempts to get this sound out of J Billion. This steezy sound that summed up his lifestyle. In a nut shell, Super Steezy to me is this laid back vibe, BUT start pushing the wrong buttons and talking lip will get you pimp slapped. Steez Bitch! We already finished Vol. 2 of Super Steezy, which will come out next year. So, stay tuned and support this album. Not only did I executive produce the album, but co-wrote hooks and produced 90% of the beats. "Super Steezy" is like my son, like Nikki would say. Enjoy!


I can respect the artistry and showmanship both visually and musically. Great piece from Bay Area up and comer, SYMBA! Get Familiar!


J Billion "Behind the Steez" Ep. 2

Episode 2 explains how J Billion got started working at HUF SF a store that held the most respected brands and brought shoes, street wear and skatboarding together. HUF SET! Get Familiar!


Nio Tha Gift (FREESTYLE)

Nio Tha Gift came in the studio last night inspired and motivated to make music for his upcoming project, "The Messenger." In between picking beats Nio couldn't help but express his passion as an emcee and his art to freestyle off the dome. The first freestyle came to him over a Jean-Luc Ponty record I flipped. The title of the Jean's record was called "A Taste of Passion."

You can expect a lot soulful and street conscious records from "The Messenger." Last night, Nio couldn't help but explain to me how focused he is right now. Which tells me "The Messenger" is going to be a crucial wake up call.

Locksmith "Stokley Carmichael"

I swear I aint never been dissapointed since Locksmith hooked up with Ski Beatz. They were made to create chaos and have emcee's shit they pants. Lock is a true lyricist. Pair that up with a beat smith and you got a problem.

Nick James "Roll Up"

Roll one up, kick yo feet up and relax to this record. This one is from the album "808 & Grapes". Download it here: http://www.giant-elephant.com/808s-grapes/ S/O The Giant Elephant crew!!


Tuf Luv "My Lyrics" (Prod. Dex Beats)


Nio Tha Gift "Love Trials & Tribulations" (prod. Dex Beats)

New project coming from Richmond, Cali's lethal weapon; Nio Tha Gift. It is entitled "The Messenger" and will feature production from myself and a few others. The cover you see in the tube was also a Dex Beats creation. This project is gonna be ill. Look out for it!

Team Backpack: Rocky Rivera x Plane Jane x Hopie

Great to see the homies on a Team Backpack cipher. Now, to get one of my beats into one of these ciphers!



Turf Talk "Do Me Right" feat The R.O.D Project

Turf Talk is by far one of my favorite rappers from the Bay. I had the chance to work with him, so look out for a crazy record. But, what I remember him telling me that day was he never had a music video besides cameos he's made on records he's featured on. So, this is a solo video debut from SikWidit's prince, Turf Talk!!!

DaVinci "Paying For My Past" feat. Tenille]

Track 03 off DaVinci's latest EP, Feast or Famine. Available now at http://swtbrds.com/davinci


Method Man x Sour Patch Kids

I'm not a Sour Patch Kid myself, but Method Man certainly is. This had me scratching my head. Anyway, enjoy!


Kev Choice "Let It All Go" feat. Martin Luther

M.C./Pianist/Producer Kev Choice and RebelSoul star Martin Luther team up for this heartfelt video and song pertaining to dealing with everyday stress and struggles we deal with in life. Kev Choice plays a homeless person in the video, with the message being that no matter how bad things may be, it could always be worse. The video was shoot on location in downtown San Francisco by director Samm Styles and Brian Storm.

San Quinn & Tuf Luv x DUBCNN


Lady Leshurr "LEGO"

I'm a sucka for creative videos. LEGO!

Tuf Luv "Welcome 2 the Mind"

Even with his latest album "A HUSTLERS HOPE" with San Quinn, you couldn't stop the mad rapper from dropping gems. Take a look into the diabolic mind of Tuf Luv courtesy of director Anthony Jacobs. Beat produced by none other, Steven King.

Damey "Where We Goin"

From Damey's latest works, "Storerun Cali" he drops a visual for #2. A very solid abstract piece, props to the editor.