Childish Gambino "Bonfire" dir. Dan Eckman + Download

This video needs no introduction. I was speechless the whole time. Great record, dope visual. Happy Halloween!



araabMUZIK "Streetz Tonight"

Music from araab's newly released album "Electronic Dreams". #steez

P.K. Subban x Saukrates

Despite only playing one season, P.K. Subban has already earned a reputation as one of hockey's most exciting young talents -- and for being a dude that hip-checks unlucky opponents into another dimension. But in his new ALWAYS ON video, we discover the 22-year old defenseman has also worked his tail off to become a seemingly sudden sensation. In this day-in-the-life narrative (stylishly told in reverse), P.K. lifts enormous barbells, drags heavy disks through the street, races across the ice and even gets in some time at a BBQ with his hometown Toronto crew. The video is backed by the track "Say I," by Saukrates, the veteran Canadian Hip Hop artist. -Audible Treats

Mistah FAB "Bring the Classics Back"

Mistah F.A.B. - Bring The Classics Back from Chris Simmons on Vimeo.

All props due to FABBY for this one! So refreshing. BTW, freestyle at the gate was on point!

ASAP Rocky "Bass" [DOWNLOAD]

Bailey "Hustle Hard"

Coming from the upcoming mixtape with mixtape mobster DJ Rah2k, "Champ on the Streets"

Mike Dash E "Chain Music"

Mikey got a studio! Let the music flood, bwuaay! #grind


The Jealous Guys x Sharp State of Mind Radio

You already know and if you listen to the music you got to respect this interview. Keepin' it 1000. Big up to the Jealous Guys. I really look forward to meeting and working on records together.


Erk tha Jerk "Magic"


J Billion "Behind the Steez" pt.1

So as part of our promotional effort, both J Billion and I have recorded tons of footage and interviews for the release of "Super Steezy" vol 1. We hope to let you into the steezy mind of J Billion and get you worked up to download the album come November 22, 2011. We worked together for the most part creating the album. We started from scratch for every track, from the creation of the beat to the finished record. But, you will get to witness that in our next episodes. So, stay tuned!

C Plus "Stay Official" pt. 1

C+ keepin' it 100! It's very important to reach your audience on a very personal level. It's gives us as consumers a better reason to buy records and give them value. Erik Lee, the director accomplishes a very organic steez to the video. Great job!

Official's Fall 2011 (delivery 2) video lookbook utilizes the iconic scenery of Gotham City as its backdrop for the first installment of a three season series of video lookbooks titled 'Stay Official' featuring C Plus. In this first installment we follow the California-based MC on a visit to New York to attend a few events such as the "Bring Your Own Blogger BBQ + Festival" and a rare meet-up with legendary hip hop producer Ski Beatz for a recording session. OFFICIAL Brand hats featured in the video are now available at finer retailers worldwide.


Shark Sinatra "Classic"

Dope record by Bay Area emcee and Team Backpack alumni, Shark Sinatra. Something real ill about this record, can it be the Guru'esque cadence? All together though, the track is solid all the way through and having this be the first song I hear today after a long night of Gangstarr, I'm not mad. Enjoy!


Memory lane with Opio of Souls of Mischief

Let Bay Area legend, Opio of Souls of Mischief tell you the history of Souls of Mischief over a bowl of Pho w/ Aceyalone from Freestyle Fellowship. Before they were Souls of Mischief they were Rhythm & Excellence.


Peoples the Artist "Never Coming Down"

I met Peoples once at the studio actually and thought I'd be able to knock out a couple records, but he disappeared. That was years ago. Here he is with the homies killing Pete Rock's "Reminisce" beat. Gotta give props where due cause it's really easy to fuck up a classic record, but Peoples serves justice. Shout Left Lane for an impressive piece. #steez

Download Peoples' new mixtape Fashionably Late November 8th at http://www.thizzler.com November 8th we'll be dropping Peoples' new mixtape, Fashionably Late, with the infamous DJ Fingaz. The mixtape puts a fresh take on the classic hip-hop sound, with Peoples' going in over instrumentals like Nas Is Like and They Reminisce Over You, as well as original production, to make music sure to make you reminisce on the golden era of hip hop. You can get Peoples' last mixtape, Believing In Greatness hosted by DJ Skee, at http://www.thisispeoples.com. Directed/Shot/Edited by Left Lane. Executive Produced by Em Dub.

Symba "Winning"

Bay Area up & comer shittin' on'em. Symba is movin' up in rank and making quite some noise out here. He's inquired a collab so look out for that real soon. By the looks of it, the record should be ridic!

Locksmith "Devil's Lasso"

Gotta give Locksmith major props for murkin' these Ski Beatz!

Clyde Carson "Still On That Shit"

Bay Area veteran, Clyde Carson's "Still On That Shit" record proves that being a part of the post hyphy movement doesn't mean you have to pigeon holed. AND trust me, hyphy is not dead but some artist out here still sound like they rappin in '06. I've been a fan of Clyde's music and I'm definitely feelin' the new direction. Someone send me his email!


Jahlil Beats signs w/ Roc Nation

Music Videos powered by Mixtape.tv
Producer Jahlil Beats signs with Roc Nation! For those who aren’t familiar with the young producer, he played a instrumental (No pun intended) role in fellow Philly native Meek Mill’s rise to success. You need but go through a few of Meek Mill’s mixtapes to hear Jahlil’s work, not to mention that he’s behind Meek’s hit record “Ima Boss” which is one of the hottest records in the country right now . Expect to hear a whole lot more from this kid in the future.

A Day In the Life w/ DJ AMEN



Black Thought "Stay True" feat. Malik B & MdotL

Shady 2.0 x Tried By 12

TRIED BY 12, biiiiitch!! This instrumental was the illest break back in the day. I still got the 12" vinyl that is now discontinued. Peace to East Flatbush for such a classic record. I couldn't of heard this beat murdered by any crew else besides JOE BUDDEN, ROYCE DA 5 9, YELAWOLF, JOELL ORTIZ, & CROOKED I. Eminem fuckin' murked this beat. He spazed out for a bit and the early Slim Shady came out like he was at the Wake Up Show in '96. Get Familiar!

Make sure you check Busta Rhymes' verse this year as well. That shit had me crackin up!

The Jealous Guys "Miss San Francisco"

From the newly released "Audio Book." Video Directed by Lady Tragick. Download Audiobook here: thejealousguys.tumblr.com/​Audiobook

Mike Dash E "Dreams that Fail if you don't Try"

Mikey back again on a video killing spree. This time he covers Drakes "Dreams" record. Together w/ director Chris Simmons they created a noir'esque montage of San Francisco. Let Mike Dash E explain to you his power struggle with his rise to the top. Enjoy!


Brooklyn hard hitter capturing an epic mini movie with director Mike Ho.

In Siya's video "I Put Niggas On," she imparts her street-smarts to an underling like a hip-hop Yoda in the backseat of a Maybach. She doesn't candy-coat the risks of rising to fame amid predators and haters. But Siya conveys an acumen that can elevate her hip-hop prodigies without them having to compromise or sell their souls. -SIYATHEDREAMER


Moe Green "Trouble Raps"

OUT CROWD! The kid is nice and his latest album "Lion Heart" is dope. But, where the hell is this store he's rappin' in? Looks like you can find some vintage '90s rap fits. Nautica, Helly Hansen, Tommy Hillfiger, Polo, etc. I got to get my hands on some of them jackets for winter. Green!

Davinci "Beer Bitches & Bullshit" feat. Roach Gigz & C Plus

Dope record, trifling video. That chick straight drugged and robbed the homies. HA! Pick up "Feast or Famine" a great addition any independent hip hop collection. By the way, I think that this collabo is mainey! Enjoy.

Starting Six "Breakfast in Bed"

OH the joy of being in a big rap crew!! More friends, more fans, more sales. This is Starting Six one of the hottest up & comers here in the Bay Area. Enjoy!

Equipto "Push & Pull"

Gotta give praise where due! Equipto is a legend out here in the Bay Area and specifically reigning from San Francisco, he has contributed a lot to hip hop community. This video is from his latest album, which is also self titled; "Ilyich." I also have to share that I've gotten to work with Equipto and he handed me a copy of his album and I was blown away at how conscience and motivating the album was. Hence, the video! If you get the chance, make sure to pick a copy up and check up for the latest on SOLIDARITYRECORDS.COM!


Nio Tha Gift "Street Dreamin" [VIDEO]

The Rebel With a Cause, Nio Tha Gift blesses us yet again with a new video from his street acclaimed mixtape "Rebel With A Cause" which can be downloaded from the link on my sidebar.  Directed by the Upper Echelon who also directed the "25/8".  More great news on the way, as Nio and I will be back in the studio working on his next mixtape entitled, "The Messenger." Stay tuned!


The Jealous Guys "Audio Book EP"

For their four-track Audiobook EP, San Francisco’s Jealous Guys linked up exclusively with producer Jeremy “Zodiac” Rose (The Weeknd’s “What You Need”). Rose’s production keeps up the synth-gloomy Toronto sound of late, with some twists. Standout track “Walkin Around” opens with a long stretch of Billy Corgan covering the Otis Redding-penned Bee Gees song “To Love Somebody,” but halfway through flips into something like a future dance-aware Cannibal Ox beat. Jealous Guys’ Ayinde and BizYCasa sound smarter and more paranoid with every release and they shine across Audiobook. Both have a knack for turn-of-the-century underground rap tropes (god, aliens and urban decay), captured in cynical lines like, I walked down the alley, seen Virgin Mary pee/ Took the DNA, tried to make another we. Plus: rad cover art by Vanguard Bots, which modifies Bosch’s 15th century painting The Garden of Earthly Delights with floating pyramids, Adam and Eve turned black and Jesus decapitated. - FADER
The Jealous Guys | Audiobook by 3qtr


Mike Giant x Derick Montez

"Filmmaker Justin Gallagher shot Giant and Montez beautifying roll-downs on San Francisco, California’s legendary Haight Street a few days ago and the results are stunning; as crisp and clear as a pair of Visine eyes, this video account is one of the best first-hand looks into the world of street art we have ever seen."


Rocky Rivera "SF City Retrospect" feat. DaVinci

The homie Rocky Rivera puts together a dope visual of San Francisco and brings along DaVinci for a solid collab! SF stand up!

P-Funk "Farewell"

From the album "Since '86" coming soon.


Drake "Headlines" [VIDEO]

TORONTO STAND UP!! The song is dope but I'm not too sure about the video. You definitely captured Toronto's landmarks. but Niagra. LOL. The elevator shot in the CN tower is epic. That was the best shot!