Big K.R.I.T. "The Vent"

From the free mixtape "Return of Foreva" Download it! Get familiar.

J. COLE "Work Out"

From the album, "Cole World" coming soon.


DJ CROOK presents "The One" feat. AP.9 & Deltrice

Big props to Powerhouse Films, who in my eyes has really stepped their directing and production value to the next level. This video came out amazing! Pay close attention to the 3rd verses' scenario. Yup! That's my studio.

Make sure you cop the "Stompilation Vol. 2" now available on iTunes.


Hopie "Space Case" feat. Del Tha Funk Homosapien

After dozens of screen shots from Facebook, a dope talk with the producer 6Fingaz, the long awaited video is here, SPACE CASE! Creatively direceted and filmed by David Dutton of DuttonFilms. Raw Gems coming soon. ENJOY!



Machine Gun Kelly flash mob

I haven't heard of the Ohio based crew, nor the artist, but I've heard the name drop a few times, which means the group is doing something right. This video just proves to me how much you can do in rural areas and if you really had it poppin' like you say you do, your movement can prove much more with numbers. This is mainey, and this is the American Dream in some sense. Do you agree? Salute, to MGK x EST.

Mac Miller "Frick Park Market"

From the Mac's debut album "Blue Slide Park" he releases yet another dope visual directed by none other than the Rex Arrow. Fresh!

Hopie "Space Case" feat. Del the Funky Homosapian

Amongst all the beef in the bay, how bout we bust a u-turn and bring that shit back! Hopie & Del come with that new new from the exclusively produced "Raw Gems" which will release sooner than you think. Off top I can't remember when. Enjoy!

Mistah FAB "Didn't I Tell You?"

Off of DJ Rah2K's upcoming album "Return of the Bad Guy" which is set to release Sept. 21st. Get Familiar! Mixtape Mobb you bitch! Enjoy.

JT the Bigga Figga "Take 1" (Messy Marv Diss)

Now, JT taking shots at the boy boy! Zaaam! Quality is horrible, bare with it.


Too Short vs Messy Marv

Really though? Beef? Fuck it! Everyday in the studio they asking me, "why mess and short beefing?" I dunno. Here's the music to prove it. Enjoy!

Nio Tha GIft "Tony Montana (remix)" feat. Mistah Fab

Nio Tha Gift is about to drop a mixtape that will feature some of Hip Hop's hardest and hottest beats out now. You already know that the the homie about to murder this mixtape right!? As of now there is no name, either a release date. But, to hold you over, here is Future's track that also featured Drake produced by Speaker Kockerz, bodied by the brodie Nio Tha Gift! SNF!

ASAP Rocky “Peso”

New York reppin' Black Scale. Crazy visual. #BLVCKOPS!

ASAP Rocky – Peso from Isaac Bauman on Vimeo.


DaVinci "Feast Or Famine" (Prologue)

DaVinci is set to release the follow-up to "The Day The Turf Stood Still" with his new Feast Or Famine EP, which will be made available for free download on August 24th through DaVinci's label, SWTBRDS.

"I wanted to bring people into the mind of a young man whose entire world – his friends, family, school, community – is flooded with drug abuse and dope distribution,"
explains DaVinci.


Here is a recap for the battle I was in July 4th weekend in Las Vegas. Big up to Jeh Magazine for covering the event and choosing my Whitney joint for the soundtrack. Steez! Shout out to the young homie GS who took the win for Cali! Also, big shout out to Black Scale, SF for keeping me threaded.

Drake "Headlines"

There are songs that you can't help but feel when the timing is right. In this case, "Headlines" is perfect for that #grind. Ya'fee'ME!!

P Funk "Off Top"

Bay Area artist, homie and lil bro P Funk back at bat with his latest visual for his upcoming mixtape, "Everybody Gotta Eat." Directed from the Golden State of Mind himself, Carlitotron. Enjoy!

Siya "No Church" (V-Nasty diss)

Brooklyn spitta, Siya goes in on Kreayshawn's counter part V-Nasty. What I find interesting is you couldn't possibly say V-Nasty with out mentioning Kreayshawn. AND V-Nasty's use of the word n*gga would've been unheard of if it weren't for Kreay's overnight success. Now, Siya on the other hand; SHEESH! That was a hot 16. We are all products of our environment and every consequence has its repercussion.

Siya - No Church (V-Nasty Diss) by chase-mopaper

Ain't convinced Siyah gas? This still go!


Roach Gigz x DJ Rah2K "Up Down"

From the DJ Rah2K exclusive album entitled, "Return of the Bad Guy" set to release Sept 27, 2011. Definitely a project you want to set your eyes and ears on.


J Stalin "Memoirs of a Curb Surver"

I've always been a fan of J Stalin's music. I feel his delivery has this distinct grit and truth to it. I salute his grind because he's been successful by keepin' it lit and providing a solid label, "Livewire" for many up coming artist in the Bay Area, including Philthy Rich, Jay Jonah, Stevie Joe, Lil Rue and more.

Here is a song from the upcoming album, "Memoirs of a Curb Surver" which is set to release November 1, 2011. Make sure you buy or download the album.


The Conversation Prism

The ultimate guide to every social network. Get familiar. Get heard. Get Paid! Good Luck.


Jay-Z & Kanye West "Otis" [VIDEO]

THE GOOD LIFE! That's how I sum up this video from J & Ye's album "Watch the Throne." I have yet to hear the album, so I have no review. I'm sure it's real eccentric and something crazy new, knowing that both these power house artist love to step the bar up and push the envelope every time. Oh yah, this presentation was directed by none other than the greatest and one of my favorites; Spike Jonze!

Kreayshawn x Rhapsody

Youtube thought I watch this and I did. By far one of my favorite Kreayshawn interviews. The video treatment looks ill too. Keep doin' you, were just kids damn'it! Bay Area!

Hopie "Off Tonight"

Bay Area artist, formerly know as Hopie Spitshard releases yet another creative video from her "Dulce Vita" album. I must say Hope, you never seem to disappoint. Also, if you haven't already, please download the album "Dulce Vita" HERE!

Young Chris "Don't Hear me Tho"

In the Studio w/ J.Cole, Big Sean & CyHi The Prynce

The Rapper lifestyle; you gotta love it. Cookies and cupcakes bitch! Really though, this looks like a promising record.

Team Backpack: Davinci x Shark Sinatra x Erk Tha Jerk x Nio Tha Gift

Coming from an era where we had no 1080p HD capabilities, no internet resources and we had ciphers in coffee houses, it's good to see the circle still exists and artists have a great way to gain exposure. The great thing about back in the day, was there were no auditions to step into a circle. You had to have the guts to cut the next emcee off to get heard. AND even if you did, YOU BETTER be fuckin' ill or your turn is up by your 4th bar. I love the 90's! Big shout out and salute to the Bay Area curators, Team Backpack!

Black Scale x Frank 151 Philippines Issue Collaboration



Jealous Guys "Genesis"

Put the homie Chase behind the glass and you got yourself another 24kmc masterpiece, along with that good music you just can't put your finger on. San Francisco? Yah, that's the Jealous Guys and they got "Audio Book" coming soon. An album I'm sure you'll appreciate. Enjoy!


San Quinn & Tuf Luv "Like Me" prod. Steven King

For a good year now 772 Entertainment, which is also now subsidiary to San Quinn's record label Done Deal, has been hard at work creating on a strong collaborative album with both San Francisco's Mayor, San Quinn and Oakland native Tuf Luv. The album is entitled, "A Hustlas Hope." It is exclusively produced by Steven King and myself. Most of the creative work and recording was also done at my studio. It was definietly a great project to work along side with Quinn again. Tuf Luv is also a very strong writer and fire spitter. Together they became this 2 headed monster that the Bay will be forced to be reckoned with. This album will be dope. Stay tuned!!


REL "Public Transit"

The homie and Bay Area producer REL of "Drums & Ammo" will soon release another solo instrumental album entitled, "Out of View." This is the first visual from the album which will release sometime soon. It was shot entirely on iPhone. Enjoy!