N-Pire Da Great "Everybody Hates Nash" [DOWNLOAD]

The Sacramento flame spitta finally drops his anticipated album entitled, "Everybody Hates Nash." A premium blend of all coasts. I've been a fan of N-Pire's music and I know most of you heads out there would appreciate his sound and ability to produce his own beats. Stay on the look out for major collaborations with N-Pire & I, it's going to be dope, of course.

Out the gate from my first few listens, I felt I was back in the early 90's listening to Raekwon & Ghostface from a tape deck. Definitely refreshing!


Erk Tha Jerk "Nerds Eye 2" [DOWNLOAD]

Bay Area artist, Erk Tha Jerk is back yet again with the sequel to his successful volume series "Nerds Eye View." I have yet to listen to it cause I'm out here in Hawaii maxxin' out, but it's downloaded and will be slappin it in my rent a car on the way to North Shore. I'm almost positive that this album will be great.


Here is the video to "Hands Up" which was Erk's leading single from Nerds Eye View 2.

The Jealous Guys "Genesis" (TEASER)

Big birthday shout out to Chasen Paper @ 24k Milkcrate. A great place for honest music and amazing music and visuals. Here is his latest video for The Jealous Guys' latest EP entitled the, "Audio Book." Make sure you stay tuned! These upcoming Bay Area hip hop duo is something to look out for and also a really great sound for the Bay. Enjoy!

Andre Nicktatina & The Jacka "Scared Crows"

Quick little low budget video from Nickatina & Jacka album, "My Middle Name is Crime." You would expect more production value from a Bay Area legend such as Andre Nickatina, but the way we produce material out here in the Bay is just too easy. Definitely, a gift & curse. Yet, still great to see Nicky attack the online community.


Rick Ross x Alchemist "Studio Session"

Ricky Rozay is in the building looking for that heat. What better place to get it other than from the MPC/ASR-10 architect & vinyl junkie, ALCHEMIST!

Roach Gigz "F A Chorus" [VIDEO]

Roach Gigz is back with a new visual from "B!TCH! I'm A Player" which is also directed by Bay Area celebrity/director Kreayshawn! Yah, the white girl in the room full of bad bitches directs! C'mon now, you already know the Bay multi faceted. Please get familiar!


Roach Gigz "Bitch Im A Player" [DOWNLOAD]

Why did it take so long for me to post this!? Bitch! I'm a player, that's why! If your familiar with Bay Area music you will enjoy this album which is also produced entirely by none other than Roach's go-to producer, C-Loz. Enjoy!


Rocky Rivera [Acapellas]

All you producers out there looking to remix some Bay Area music should definitley take a stab at Rocky Rivera's "Rockapellas." AND if you haven't already heard her latest album entitled, "Pop Killer." You need to stop sleeping and wake the fuck up!



J Billion x Dex Beats: The Making of 1988 Testarossa

Every Wednesday for nearly 3 years straight, J Billion and I worked long hours at the studio building and making music not knowing we would create a sound for "Super Steezy". We have this working chemistry now that allows me to be a lot more creative and less engineer'ish. It seems to create and pump out dope records. This is a video that pretty much demonstrates that process. Shout out to Thizzler on the Roof and Left Lane for such a brilliant piece.


Mac Miller "Best Day Ever"

As an aspiring director I really appreciate videos like Mac Miller's" best day ever. I've always been a fan of Rex Arrow's work. This crew hasn't failed, yet. At least in my eyes. Great video!! You can find this song on Mac's latest work; "Best Day Ever"


Damey "Storerun; Cali" [DOWNLOAD]

You gotta hear this! Damey of the Dilligentz is here to deliver a Cali masterpiece with his latest album. Already from the gate I was hooked and all ears. I've had the pleasure to work with Damey a while back on a record entitled, "Free-Throws" which is also featured on the album. We spent the session creating the beat from the ground up and moving on to concept and wrapped the song up by the end of the session. Stay tuned! Get Familiar!


AP 9 "The One" feat. Deltrice

Another DJ Crook production, u biiitches! This is from the newly released compilation "Stompilation Vol. 2" which is now available on iTunes AND features a Dex Beats production entitled, "Loaded Weapon". Go copp that. This should definitely be one of your TOP purchases if you love Bay Area music.

Shout out to the Powerhouse crew. TJ the Director and I go way back and I'm glad to see him evolve in this industry. He used my studio for one of the scenes in the video, if not, one of the vital ones that helps tell this story. I'm sure the video will turn out dope. Just watch the trailer.

featuring new songs from; San Quinn, Turf Talk, The Jacka, Philthy Rich, The Federation, Messy Marv, Mistah Fab, Beeda Weeda, Clyde Carson, Guce and HELLA more! 


Nio Tha Gift "25/8" (prod. Dex Beats)

Today, is a blessed day to see Nio Tha Gift's latest video on some of the most notable blogs and video sites. It also marks my directing debut. That's right, I help direct the music video along side Jon Benavente of Upper Echelon. Who else do you know can produce, record, mix & master the record AND direct the music video? Like I said, SNF bwuaaay! We are The Gifted Music Group.

Mike Dash E "Get Up On it" feat. Matt Blaque

Mike Dash E killin' again with a beautiful visual and beautiful co-star Justene Jaro. "Get Up On it" feat. Matt Blaque is from his debut album, "Dash With Me" available on iTunes. Solid song & visual makes for a dope road ahead. That's a grind king salute! Get familiar! YEE!

Andre Nickatina "Money Shark"

Seems like since The Jacka's "Glamorous Lifestyle" video, Nickatina and Prime Zero team up for what seems like a video quickie in Sin City. No rhyme intended. Enjoy dat azz!


Damey "Regular Anthem" (trailer)

This Thursday, July 21st Bay Area Freshman Damey of the Diligentz will release an album entitled, "Storerun: Cali." In the midst of the all the anticipation, he dropped a trailer to a video from one of th songs from his upcoming release. Looks like the backdrop is San Francisco during the Love parade. Ugh, yeah! (Bailey voice) Enjoy!

SBi from mehrdad hazratizadeh on Vimeo.

#NEWSHIT: Listen & Download

Clyde Carson "If I was a Pimp" feat. The Jacka

Roach Gigz "Stupid Dumb Knock" feat. Husalah & Lil B

Kendrick Lamar x Pharell Williams

You really don't need Pharell's seal of approval to know that Kendirck is one of the nicest in the game, period. To me his mixtape "Section 80" was very original. He definitely pushed the envelope and carved himself a lane. Section 80 has a fusion of sounds and styles that are "hot" and current and yet it has this twist that just throws me in a loop, like, "is he really rappin' to this, like that!?" If you haven't downloaded "Section 80" you should. Here's the link: DOWNLOAD SECTION 80

N.O.R.E. "Like The Way" feat. Pharrell

Noreaga? In the Philippines? LOL! Remember that? I think this video is hilarious and I was kinda stoked to see Nore on a Neptunes beat again. Enjoy! By the way, this is BangBros crew Nore is getting fucked up with.




The homies went HAM and EGGS with this one. Gotta give props for pushing the envelope on this one. Yall make a good duo. Seriously, this may be a calling. #Salute


Spank Pops "Wonderful Music"

Not new music, but definitely a new visual from Spank Pops' latest project "Beautiful Noise." Let's go Spank. The city need more music! Big up to the fam, HONOR ROLL!!

Who is Kreayshawn?

I try to blog about music I hear myself bumpin' in my whip everyday, but most times I blog about new Bay Area artist that are making a great deal of credible noise. Lately, there's not a week that goes by that someone is like, "Who the Fuck is Kreashawn?" so, besides the 2011 Bay Area Freshman list and the "Bumpin' Bumpin'" video I posted a while back, I'm here to hopefully introduce to you once a'mufuqin'gin, one of Bay Area's young up and coming stars as well as her hit single, "Gucci, Gucci".

Here is some insight from the grind king himself, Mistah FAB on the state of new bay area artist and even his connection with Kreayshawn's 1.2 Million dollar deal.


Locksmith & Laroo "Keep Watching Me"

Gas on both sides. Production by EASKI. OH MYYY!

Young Gully "The Go IN"

The Bay Area's original gas spitta, Young Gully on you bitches! The 2011 Bay Area Freshman never fails to disappoint nor is he able to spit a wack bar. "I am not trying, I swear," says Young Gully. Enjoy!

EvenOdds "Above it"

San Francisco's dynamic duo, EvenOdds drops yet another solid visual, this time for their July 12, 2011 release "The Revision." The beat is produced by none other than DEO's partner in rhyme, Money Always. Make sure you buy, download, and support San Francisco hip hop. Enjoy!

A-Plus "Give it Away" feat. Knowbody & Del

Fresh from the Hiero Imperium, "Give it Away" first visual for A-Plus' latest upcoming release, "Pepper Spray". A Red Hot Chilli pepper slapper, though!? Cot'damn, that shit go. This video is directed by Cassandra Skipitis Enjoy!