N-Pire Da Great "Everybody Hates Nash"

Brodie from the capitol city Sacramento, CA releases his latest visual for his upcoming release "Everybody Hates Nash" which will release by the end of July! This record is originally sampled from the "Everybody Hates Chris" theme song. I love the feel and vibe of this record. It takes me back to Mobb Deep's 1st album "Juvenile Hell." Nash is definitely gon' be a problem. He produces most of his records and he's already established his relationships in Bay Area's most talented circles. Get familiar! I introduce to you flame spitta, the homie, N-Pire Da Great!

Moe Green "Lion Heart" [DOWNLOAD]

With Lionheart, Moe Green's growth is clear. At 10-tracks, not only is Lionheart tighter than "Rocky Malvia", but the new project also finds Moe at his most personal, as he opens up and lets listeners into his world in a way he hasn't before. "I've gotten better as an artist; I'm more confident in what I'm doing," says Green. "And with that, I really got more personal and diverse on this project, too. I hope people can get a good idea of who, exactly, Moe Green is." -Audible Treats DOWNLOAD LION HEART


Mike Hu$tle "My Niggas"

I caught this record on my timeline from the 707 native, Moe Green and I was refreshed to hear such a positive record from somebody so young, yet his cadence screamed out hunger and willingness to grow. I got excited and immediately thought to myself; "I wanna work with dude." I wen't back on my twitter timeline to notice that Moe was actually grieving the loss of his homey, Mike Hu$tle. It's such a shame to lose someone so close and talented. He passed yesterday. Rest in Peace and prayers to your family.

Mike Hu$tle leaves us with his latest EP entitled "Intelligent Hustle"

Drums & Ammo, Vol. 1: Extra Clip

The homies are at it again, with yet another solid project. This time with major independent artist to go with their dope beats, slaps, instrumentals, what have you. You can expect nothing but solid records from the D & A crew; Al Jieh, Ammbush, REL and 6 Fingers. Check it out. It's FREE!

Download "Extra Clip" 


Davinci "Pangea"

It's no secret; DaVinci is one of the most gifted young lyricists around, and with this latest track, "Pangea," the Fillmore District's prodigal son has voyaged into spaced-out Philly Sound territory, rhyming over a song, unaltered, by legendary keyboardistDexter Wansel. The song serves as the final loosie before ramping up for the July release of his forthcoming EP, Feast Or Famine.
DaVinci - Pangea by SWTBRDS


Introducing Dubb

A very close friend from IC3 came through the studio last week and blessed me with "The Face of California" The project created by one of LA's finest hip-hop artist Dubb had me impressed. The first record that had me all ears was "FLY" and less than 5 days later Hoodz Finest releases the video. Coincidence? Maybe not. Last time I heard, DUBB has a Dex Beats catalog in his possession. Get familiar. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD "Face of California"



I couldn't agree with you more!! Watch and be refreshed.

Spliff Star "Wish You Could" feat. Fat Joe

Wait hold'up! SPLIFF!! Busta's counter part and possibly one of the best hype men to ever do it, is back on the mic reppin'! Nothing spectacular about the joint, but I fucks with FLIPMODE!

Styles P "Where the Angels Sleep"

The first verse to this song at first sparked like a huge idea in my head, then WTF! Not the typical styles vide, but hey, how can you hate on good CG.

D Pryde "Not Over"

So the other night I was invited to the IC3 clothing launch party for their new line and CEO and very good friend Lee Roy had informed me that he has been working with a kid from Canada for quite sometime now and thought I should check him out. Is it a coincidence that D-Pryde and I are from the same city? Craze.

The kid got skills I must admit. Young and very hungry. Keep doin' yo thing fam.

Check out his latest mixtape entitled, "MARS" (click here)


Rocky Rivera "Pop Killer" [DOWNLOAD]

I wouldn't even consider Rocky in my circle cause she's more like family, and if you kept up with my blog you would already know that. This time around she drops a fuckin' gem on that azz for FREE complete with original production and a versatile flavor that seems to be one side I haven't heard from my sis. BUT rest a sure, I get her message and couldn't agree with her more. So all you hip hop swag bandwagon hoppers be aware; you're movement won't last long with  Rocky Rivera here to delivery that message. Enjoy your time here!

Mike Dash E "Enough" feat. Moe Green & Damey

This is my record for today. Big shout out to PJ Flores for a solid piece. Definitely one of the smoothest videos I've seen him direct.


Moe Green "707" (video & download)

Moe Green's new EP, Lionheart, is on the way. This coming Saturday, June 25th, to be exact.

Kev Choice "Are You Impressed"

Are You Impressed, directed by Samm Styles and Brian Storm, the 2nd Single of Kev Choice project "The Power of Choice"

Dia Frampton "Heartless"

Speechless! I had to put the remote down turn off the TV and quit watching the rest of "The Voice" after Dia's rendition. She had me at hello!


Casual "Divine Dreams" feat. Moonshyne

ALSO You can purchase Casual's latest album, "The Hierophant" peep it!

Snow Tha Product "Holy Shit"

Well said, right! Bay Area native residing in Texas, all gas! Get Familiar.

4rAx "Black Crow"

The big homies got that good west coast music that'll help you fill that Detox void! But, who needs the Dr. when the Bay got that new west feeling. #salute


Damey "W" (prod. Bedrock)

The young spitta, my homie, Damey!!! He's currently working on the finishing touches on his next album entitled; "Storeun Cali" which I believe will be amazing considering I know Damey is a conceptual and versatile artist. Were a like in ways that we both understand that there are certain feelings that listeners emit that keep them coming back to the same records and albums.  AND, this shit right here! You can't be sitting alone vibin' out. You gotta be with a group of people goin' ham. Feel Me?! Enjoy.


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