Kendrick Lamar "Hiii Power" (trailer)

Kendrick, the definition of gas.

Kendrick Lamar "Hiii Power" (prod. J.Cole)

Mistah F.A.B. "I ain't Fuckin' Witchu"

This is a crazy dope record. Not only have I not heard Fabby in this light or tone, but them dirty ass drums are coming from the producer, Illmind. Don't sleep.



Day in the life w/ Wiz Khalifa

Rolling Papers out now. Go get it!

@K00LJ0HN presents $.N.A.C.K. (Download)

@K00LJ0HN releases his debut project, $.N.A.C.K. a mixtape that incorporates the young sounds of most of the New Bay Area Artist.  This music is meant to be played before and after the party.  A Shmop Night in particular.  Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD $.N.A.C.K. (Shomp Nights And Cali Kush)


Araab Muzik aka. fast ass fingers aka. MVP of the MPC aka. AGGGHHHH! Enjoy.

Drums & Ammo: REL "Go In" feat. C-Plus

Drums & Ammo, Vol. 1 debut album (instrumental) out now at swtbrds.com/drumsnammo!

"The Realization" by Pete Alexander

I first heard of Pete when a friend had posted "The Question" on Facebook last year. I was blown away by the vlog, which led me to look further more into his works and also asking for an intern position for my cousin. Later on, Pete was nice enough to allow us to shoot a wedding together (click here to see). It came out dope which also led to a more solid relationship. It's been a pleasure to know and work with such a great mentor. Check out his latest vlog, "The Realization". It's an honor to have my name in the credits, having heard about 6 of my beats in the video and a cameo! Enjoy!

Dex Beats @ Fight Club 2

Thizzler Fight Club 2, this Thursday at 19 Broadway in Fairfax, CA (near San Rafael), 16 emcees will duke it out off the top of their heads for a cash prize, a ticket to this year's Bay Area Producers Conference, and more. And guess what? It's all free!

Battle veteran Bo-Rat will be the host, Okeefe of SF's The Blacksmiths will be on the wheels of steel, and Dex Beats (producer for San Quinn, Husalah, Nio Tha Gift and more) will be providing ALL the beats for the battles! All graphics done by Chills Designs!

Sponsored by the Bay Area Producers Conference. The 3rd Annual Bay Area Producers Conference will be held at Ex'pression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville on Saturday August 20th, 2011. For more information go to http://www.bayareaproducersconference.com/



E40 "Fuck'em"

At this rate, I wouldn't doubt E40 will break the record for # of videos for a single album. OR 2. LOL! Enjoy and FUCK'EM!

BarNone "Ridin' & Smokin" (prod. Dex Beats)

The homie from Family Bidness dropped this 420 exclusive yesterday. You can expect this track and many Dex Beats collaborations on BarNone's next album entitled; "No Sleep."

Freeway "HAM Extreme"

FREEWAY in LA at the Diamond store promoting his album collabo with Diamond Supply entitled; "Diamond in the Rough." HAM Extreme is produced by Bay Area artist Young L.


Kendrick Lamar & Dr Dre in the studio

Look out for Kendrick's debut album, "Section 8"

Rey Resurreccion "Trainwreck" (prod. Nima Fadavi)

Residing in the Bay Area is Rey Ressurection, San Jose to be exact. Solid cut, from the homie Nima Fadavi.

Released in 2010

The Jacka x Squeez x T-Wayne "I'm A Beast"


The Jacka presents "Mobbin Thru Da West Vol. 1"

Berner "NO MIDDLE MAN" feat. J Stalin

From Berner's new album, "The White Album" available NOW!!


C + "Do What You Want"

Sacramento's best hands down. Get familiar! "Do What You Want" is from C Plus' latest work "All C.I.T.Y" which is now available digitally for download at his website www.thirdletta.com

I had the privilege to preview the album thoroughly this weekend and was pleased to hear how cohesive the album as a whole it was. Being that it was 20 some tracks deep, you would think that it would be too much. BUT, if your a fan of good music and production you won't find yourself short changed. C Plus is definitely articulate and vivid with his word play.

"I CAN'T LEAVE SAC ALONE THE SCENE NEEDS ME" - C+ (...you damn right!)

Hopie "Be A Lady" (prod. 6Fingers)

"Be A Loady" is from Dulce Vita which will be available online @ www.hopiespitshard.com and in stores April 26, 2011. I had the pleasure to listen to the album early as well and if I haven't already gave my review in the past post, it's a creative and conceptual album produced entirely by Drums & Ammo producer, 6 Fingers. Put these 2 crazy out the box thinkers together and trust, they'll blow yo mind. Enjoy!


Mob Figaz "Loyal To the Mobb" (NEW 2011)

It's been long overdue since the Bay Area group, Mob Figaz released something as a group. Enjoy &  Download the NEW song, "Loyal to the Mobb"

DOWNLOAD: Mob Figaz "Loyal To the Game"

E-40 "I Love My Momma" Feat. R.O.D & Mic Conn

SWTBRDS presents "Drums & Ammo"

Put together some of the most underrated producers in the Bay Area and you get "Drums & Ammo." A SWTBRDS power house of quality and versatile instrumentals. I know these guys personally, we've broke bread together, worked together, and support each others music and craft. "Drums & Ammo" are Al Jieh, DJ Ammbush, REL, and 6 Fingers. Get Familiar.

DOWNLOAD "Drums & Ammo"


SIYA "I'm Gone" dir. @oneSHOTmike

Bed-Stuy Brooklyn is where it all began for the young MC by the name of SIYA. Born 1987 this aspiring superstar was raised by her Grandmother in the Eleanor Roosevelt housing projects in Brooklyn which happens to be one of the roughest housing projects of the five boroughs. ...read more

When I heard this all I can do was shake my head. You know, that shake when you know its undeniable. Yo' Siya is the truth. I ain't never felt that way about a female rapper since I heard Lauryn Hill spit. Ok ok, I said too much. So, without further a due, SIYA!



Hopie Spitshard "Dulce Vita" Promo

This album is dope and if you like conceptual music I'm sure you will appreciate this the Dulce Vita LP a lot. If you don't know you betta ask somebody!

The Dulce Vita LP
available online and in stores
April 26, 2011


Uglie TV Episode 64 "Mike Dash E"

Can my blog go without a Dash video or promo for a month? NO! This my dude right here and you can't knock the hustle. LEGO!


Nio Tha Gift "As We Proceed"

If I had to describe this particular session in one word, that word would be "growth!" I feel that this record put a huge stamp on what me and Nio are capable of as The Gifted Music Group. It also marks the first record to go public for download with me on Succeed Never Fail Entertainment. We really took our time with this record. We left the studio at 4AM. Enjoy!

This song is from Nio Tha Gift's "Rebel With A Cause" mixtape set to release by Summer 2011.

Nio Tha Gift
"As We Proceed"
Produced & Directed by Dex Beats

Jacka "WE" feat. Chosen (prod. Jeffro)

Here is some exclusive music straight from the MOB producer himself, Jeffro. He had mentioned that the lead synth in the beat is actually him singing. That's some impressive vocals my friend. Enjoy!

New 2011 The Jacka "WE" feat. Chosen

Cool Kids "Bundle Up"

Big up to the Cool Kids for staying true to their craft. Love the new video! Shout out to Chuck! Don't forget to holla at me when you in town bwuay!


BTS: Mark Milly "Let'em Say"

Mark Milly, the Baltimore Bully freakin' an MJ sample.

Snow The Product "Best Mode"

She's back and beasting as usual. Gastronomical! Lol. Enjoy.


Sade "The Moon And The Sky" feat. Jay-Z (Remix)

New shit! Once in a blue moon you get excited about cool findings on the internet. This is one of those moments. Enjoy!



REL & JBILLION "Ridin in my Coup" (trailer)

Another video teaser. Need I say more. Oh wait there's more:
DOWNLOAD the song "Ridin' In My Coup"

And for anything MVMNT visit http://mvmntthealbum.com

Berner "Car Full of Killers"

Berner comes with yet another solid visual for his next album entitled, "The White Album" which will have elite features from the Bay Area, but with no surprise from Mr. Cherry Pie himself, he has features with some of the best Freshman's to come out including Big KRIT and Wiz Khalifa. Stay Tuned, it drops and will be ready to download April 19, 2011.

Day in the life w/ Mac Miller

Fun is for everyone vol 3. Enjoy every 12mins of it. Big up to the Denver club holding White Rhino.

Mac Miller "Get Up"

SHMOP LIFE x Filthy Dripped

Let SHMOPGOD, @K00LJ0HN show you himself.


Lunice "Get Her High" feat. ST 2 Lettaz & DaVinci

The good folks over at Southern Hospitality have been holding down quality rappers from down South and out in the Bay Area for some time, so it's only fitting that their latest orchestration features none other than critically acclaimed rap heavyweights DaVinci, repping San Francisco, alongside ST 2 Lettaz, one half of Huntsville, Alabama duo G-Side. Topping things off, Montreal's producer/DJ Lunice provides the beat, only his second time working under the auspices of hip-hop, and based on the results it sounds like he should continue his forays into the genre. -Audible Treats

download "Get Her High" for free here: http://www.mediafire.com/?tgd3z6ud1pn99t7

Nump's "Daily Medication" Commercial

Gotta to give Nump props for always pushing the envelope and never being afraid to step out the box. C'mon mayne, it's Nump! If you know dude personally you know he ain't neva scaaaared! Shout out to 454!


Nio Tha Gift "Rebel With A Cause"

Being apart of SNF (Succeed Never Fail) has been an incredible experience. Nio Tha Gift, the 23 year old Richmond raised emcee has definitely earned his stripes at an early stage in his career and by far has one of the most polished deliveries I've recorded in my studio. Lately we've worked on numerous records together and been planning his next release, "Rebel With A Cause." Aside from the music the crew and I are strategically planning the next few steps. To get things started we present to you our modernized version of the 1955 James Dean classic "Rebel Without A Cause." Spread the word!

First leak from the mixtape:



EASKI speaks on commitment

There is a lot of truth in what Easki is about to drop on you. You need to watch this and listen on how he compares how the rap game in the Bay Area went from an all time high to a record breaking low. I couldn't agree with him more about how a lot of artist young and old take advantage of technology and the ease of making music and throw the whole organic and passion out the window. It is way too easy to make music these days and all I ask, coming from an artist myself who strives to pay rent to upkeep a recording studio, is that you young artist out there need to pay close attention to your craft and sound and pay your engineers and producers.

Mike Dash E "Get off Me" feat. Viveca Hawkins

Directed by Aris Jerome from Dash's debut album "Dash With Me."

BRASS-Behind the Beat with THX

This is by far one of the best Beat videos I've seen thus far. OR maybe I just like the beat a lot. Peace to 24k Milkcrate for the video.

Behind the Beat with THX from WhoIsBrass on Vimeo.


24KMC is proud to present another video from Frisco’s iLLEST The Jealous Guys produced by Clams Casino. Shot and edited by Trevor Traynor, Executive Produced by Chasen Paper, the gothic nature of the city juxtaposed against Ayinde & BizYCasa’s dead eyed delivery blends perfectly into the night. This was a bare bones shoot…if you check out the Behind The Scenes you won’t see anything hollywood in this shit. Just basements and some original Frisco gangstas.

Mobb Deep "Dog Shit" feat. Nas

WHAAAAAAAT!! Bring that good '96 back. How vicious is this track produced by Alchemist & Havok.

@K00LJ0HN's "$hmop Nights And Cali Kush ($.N.A.C.K.)"

Have to support the young boss making shit happen for his friends and fam. Richmond's own Kool John help get iamsu's single "UP" on the radio with hard work, dedication and love for the music his friends make. I got to meet w/ Kool John and guy is humble at most but hungry and ready to take on roles most would over look. Stay tuned for his upcoming mixtape that will drop 4.20.2011

The 1st Leak from SNACK: iamsu! "Yamaha"

E-40 "My Shit Bang"

Revenue Retrievin' Overtime Shift and Graveyard Shift Out NOW!!

Zion I & The Grouch "Drop It On The 1"

Official Music Video of Zion I & The Grouch's "Drop It On The 1" from the new album Heroes In The Healing Of the Nation, directed by Pete Lee.

Heroes In The Healing Of The Nation Available NOW on:
http://www.zioniandthegrouch.com/store (includes exclusive "Heroes" bonus track)
iTunes http://bit.ly/HHNiTunes | Amazon http://amzn.to/dMJAdk