Hangover 2 Trailer

Coming May 26, 2011! EPIC!


By far one of the most impressive forms of expression & art I've seen this month. Dope visual for sure, and the song is dope! P Mac is actually my best friends little cousin so I've seen this kid grow and progress into this vicious emcee. He was also once an intern at my studio. I'm happy to introduce to you P MAC! Get Familiar!

BTS w/ The Jealous Guys

Yo this beat is bananaz B! Peace to 24KMC.

Bailey "Raised in the '90s"

Bailey's next project "World Series Attitude" coming soon. "Raised in the 90s" is one of the few singles to drop with visuals for the anticipated release. Enjoy!


Fight Camp 360°: Pacquiao vs. Mosley (trailer)

It has begun!

DRUMS & AMMO: Ammbush "Speak"

Drums & Ammo, Vol. 1 debut album (instrumental) dropping on 04/14/11.

Drums & Ammo is a production crew composed of Ammbush, 6Fingers, REL, & Al Jieh. This is a series of videos that shows us making the beat, then transitioning to the actual finished song.

Song Produced & Performed by Ammbush


Its dope to see the weed man, Berner linking up with another major weed connoisseur, Wiz Khalifa just cause that's good networking. Besides Berner throwing out blunt sized joints of Cherry Pie in the crowd, I find it hillarious how GONE Slim Thug is. Cali got tree bwuay! In the words of the late Nate Dogg (RIP), "Smoke weed everyday"


Found this a while back. Good luck! beats4nicki@gmail.com

C Plus "Cardo On the Drums"

Sacramento smokin' gun releases his latest video for his upcoming album "ALL CITY" with a banger from Taylor Gang producer, Cardo. This is a solid video too, but + definitely bodies this beat, just like the beat he murdered at the my studio w/ a freestyle. Sheesh!

For more music from C Plus visit: www.thirdletter.com


Freeway "HAM Extreme"

Here’s the first leak off Diamond In The Ruff, Free’s upcoming mixtape with apparel line Diamond Supply Co., due out later this summer. Produced by Young L, cover art by Frank The Butcher.

Big KRIT Album Release "Returnof4eva"

I ain't gon' lie, this mixtape damn near has NO skippers. Really, I'm diggin' it a lot. If I had to put a finger on it this, "ReturnOf4eva" sounds like Outkast, David Banner, and Nas stuffed into a jalepeno popper. DOWNLOAD!

Emassin "Its Cold" (dir. Cinestra)

Get Familiar!

Ya Boy "Banana Boat" feat. J Stalin


Pritty Gritty "On Some Otha" (prod. Dex Beats)

Bay Area up and comer Pritty Gritty teams up with Reticulum & 1080 Visuals for his first music video. The entire video was shot at my studio 37Hundred.com. The song "On Some Otha" is also produced by me. This song can be heard on Pritty Gritty's latest release and sequel to his Lost in the Music series. Download it here PrittyGrittyMusic.bandcamp.com

PK of Goldenmean Managment

PK is the manager of The Jacka, Husalah, Traxamillion, and many more. Siccness.net caught up with the well known manager to help expose the other roles that play huge parts in most of your favorite artist in Bay.  I've met PK several times and he is a real solid guy and helps me stay involved with the MOB.  I wanted to share this interview with all you aspiring artist out there that have yet to find a solid manager.


Drake's sense of humor.

I thought this was a solid attempt. Drake is still ill for what he does. T DOT!

I had to bring this one back! This shit cracks me up!

Young Chris "Base 2 Ya Face"

C'mon you already know! I fucks with Philly! I thought you knew.


Team Backpack w/ So Proper, Shark Sinatra, Boo Banga

Had to slap Episode 15 after seeing my guy Boo Bang back on deck. I ain't heard of the Hunters Point Prince in a minute. Last time I seen Boo, we was in the studio rockin' up work. Holla at'cha boi bruh!


Young Gully "Wonderful"

This record is dope.

J-Billion feat 1OAK "Once in a Lifetime" (prod. REL)

Take warning brothers & sisters "The MVMNT" is finally here with its first visual for the album. Kick your feet up, light something up and max! Enjoy!

Freeway x Statik Selektah "The Flow"

This song couldn't be named anything else. Freeway's flow is one in a million and one of me favorite deliveries of all time. EARLY! Check out this video live from SXSW.

I see the homies J Billion and Davinci in the beginning. #cameo


Mike Dash E "Dash With Me"

This is the intro to Mike-Dash-E's new album "Dash with Me" ft Viveca Hawkins of the rock band The Memorials (Prod by Invasion Beats) please check out the new album and purchase it on i-tunes or http://mikedashe.com just $5.99

Mistah FAB SXSW Freestyle

When you see someone post something with the title FREESTYLE most of the time it ain't. But if Fabby says so, 100% it is!

Bailey "World Series Attitude"

Bailey is back with yet another EP and with the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series and the radio success of his "Black & Yellow" remix, "Black & Orange" the young Fillmore Boss is set to release his next project entitled World Series Attitude in April. Check it out!


"Loaded Weapon" feat. Philthy Rich, Bailey, Laroo, Goldie

DJ Crook is back with his video campaign for the sequel to his "Stompilation" series. I produced Loaded Weapon using an Armageddon kit and an 808. Don't get it twisted, the song is more about a type of girl and less about blowing shit up. Lol. Big up to all the features in the video, Nio Tha Gift, Mic Conn, Turf Talk, Dex Beats, HA! Enjoy!

Mistah FAB x SXSW 2011

Thai of 454 Ent "Loneliness"

Solid cut and I ain't talkin' bout the hair. 454 you biitch!


Big K.R.I.T. "American Rapstar"

I can't wait till Big Krit's "Return of 4Ever" drops 3/22/2011! K.R.I.T. is one of the artists to look forward too. "American Rapstar" is the second single to his XXL Freshman debut.

2011 XXL Freshman Class Cipher pt. 2

Kendrick killed it, but Lil B stood out the most. Wow, the kid been nice and finally has the proper platform to prove it. Bay Area! Hometeam is rooting for you bruh!


Young L "Loud Pockets" (dir. Aris Jerome)

Grace Under Fire "Smokey Robotic" ft. Roscoe Umali & Styliztik Jones

Like the pinoy rapper Roscoe Umali would say, "GET A BAR!" Can't put my finger on this song, but I like it.

The Jacka & Freeway feat. Fed Ex "So Many Animals"

When will these exclusive leaks stop and the album drop!? I guess that's the plan, ANTICIPATION! Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD: http://www.4shared.com/audio/NSdWi9ik/04_So_Many_Animals__The_Jacka_.html

2011 XXL’s Freshman Class Cypher Pt. 1

WHOA! I think Young Russel just dominated this circle. Cot'damn! Big up to Diggy Simmons, you beasted on'em!

Rocky Rivera "La Madrina (Ballad Of Griselda Blanco)"

Never one to shy away from controversy, Rocky Rivera drops “La Madrina (Ballad of Griselda Blanco)” off her upcoming Pop Killer Mixtape – a collection of exclusive beats furnished by the artists and producers themselves, including Diz Gibran, Exile Radio, The Jacka, Vitamin D, Amani & 6Fingers. “La Madrina” chronicles the dangerous power of Griselda Blanco, Queen of the Cocaine Trade and alleged mass murderess whose true life story eclipses many of the Scarface narratives we’ve become familiar with, and is still at large to this day.


AP.9 "Not A Thing Changed" (prod. Dex Beats)

From AP.9's double disc release for 2011, "Relentless." The anticipated album drops April 19, 2011 and will feature music from The Mob Figaz; Husalah, The Jacka, Rydah J Klyde, and Fed Ex. Other features include, Cellski, Paul Wall, Deltrice, Ampichino and many more.

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V7QTP1CV


Bay Area: Meko McAfee

Somehow I came across the music of this Bay Arean. I just wanted to share this with you, cause I'm sure you ain't heard. Enjoy!

PRAYERS go out to Japan and the world!

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund
 The north coast of Japan was hit by a horrible tsunami after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake that occurred 80 miles offshore.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Tsunami waves caused major destruction in northern Japan. Trains have been shut down across the country and current estimates are 1000+ people have died. We are working with International Medical Corps, Save the Children, and other organizations on the ground to provide support. Our partners on the ground are working hard to provide immediate relief. We will post more details of the specific use of funds as soon as possible. All donors will get email updates on how their funds have been used. Click here to help.

Brotha Lynch Hung "The Coathanga"

Not for the light hearted! Like it or not Brotha Lynch is from the Bay. Sacramento to be exact. Thought you knew, lame!

Roach Gigz x iHIPHOP.com

Roach Gigz catches up with iHipHop.com to break down Bay Area culture, and having succes without blog support. He also breaks down how he got his name, and the importance of visuals to his career.


Loverance "Up" feat. IamSu! & Skipper [CDQ]

You heard it on the radio, in the club in yo homies whip and now hear it first in the comfort of your own bedroom as you "Beat the p*ssy, up-up-up-up-up." Download the CD Quality of the hit single tearing up these Bay Area airwaves. Big up to the homie @K00LJ0HN for making it happen for new bay area artist!


The Jacka "Thinking of You"

Here is something new for 2011 from The Jacka. The notorious Oakland crew Mob Figaz will also be releasing an album real soon, hopefully this year. Also, be sure to check out for Jack's new label Artist Records where he will be releasing several tapes from label artist, Joe Blow & Street Knowledge.

Notorious BIG (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997)

Christopher George Latore Wallace (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997) was an American rapper. He was popularly known as Biggie Smalls (after a character in the 1975 film Let's Do It Again), Big Poppa. and The Black Frank White (after the main character of the 1990 film King of New York),[1] but primarily by his stage name The Notorious B.I.G. -Wiki

Rest in Peace, BIG! You was a major inspiration.

Check this out, Notorious BIG in the studio!

D.Willz "Watermelon"

For the longest time D.Willz has been putting out these viral videos of him playing, caressing, smashing, sliding, swinging, swimming, killing watermelons. You name it, the man did anything but EAT a watermelon. LOL! This video finally puts the cherry on top and definitely had me rollin. First of all, when in the world did these watermelon farmers start rappin' and gettin' jiggy. That shit had me guessin if the old man's lips were computer generated. D.Willz if your reading this, "you are dope!"


BTS: Davinci "Clean Ass Whip"

Shot by the homie and aspiring videographer, Nina Parks. Covering some behind the scene footage of the Davinci's next video from his upcoming album, "Mona Lisa."

Visit her blog at: http://ninaparks.blogspot.com

C Plus "Live the Dream" feat. Joe Blow & Street Knowledge

One of Sacramento's finest, C Plus teams up with Joe Blow and Street Knowledge from "The Artist," The Jacka's own record label. This is a dope cut, TRUST!

C Plus ft. Street Knowledge, Joe Blow - Live The Dream (produced by LEE BANNON) by Live @ The Dojo

Mistah Fab x Husalah "Real Life"

Slapper from none other, DJ Rah2K!

Business as Usual "Shark Sinatra, Show Banga & Jedi"


AP 9 "Relentless"

7. Not Ah Thing Changed -Prod. Dex Beats

On April 19th, AP.9 of the Mob Figaz returns to show the world why he is RELENTLESS! AP.9 has decided to do something different this time around. He will be packaging a 36 track Double CD and selling it for the price of ONE FOR THE FANS! The double album features Paul Wall, The Mobfigaz, (Jacka, AP.9, Husalah, Rydah, Fedx),Ampachino, Deltrice, and many more. This single priced CD is covered with back to back slaps that has something for all types of rap fans. If you copped his recent album Reality Check you already know. AP.9 is showing the growth that is always shines with talented, established artists. The album is laced with great production, and is something you have to have. -Clout Magazine

Erk Tha Jerk "Reach The Top"

Monterfer "My Lane" ft. Indecent

What can I say, but I know a lot of great producers in the Bay. This is the homie Indecent the Slapmaster, get familiar bwuay!

Shady Records "2.0. Boys"

Did you hear Eminem signed Slaughter House, Yelawolf and Royce Da 5' 9''? Shit, I didn't! I think this is a great move. In my opinion I feel Eminem finally has some competition that will force him to step his lyrical context, delivery, and all that hip hop! Feel me?  Shady is about to do some major damage this year. I can't wait!

What better way to introduce the new line up than to put them all on 1 track! Enjoy.

Young Gully "The Go In"

Do not FUCKIN' sleep! Gully!

The Kendrick Lamar Experience

What is life like for a young Compton lyricist brought to the front line of hip hop under the wing of Dr. Dre? It was all a Dream!!

Mac Miller "Donald Trump"


Clyde Carson "What Would I Do"

Wow, its been a hot minute since Clyde had a visual online. Nothing spectacular, but its great to see him putting in work and making an effort to communicate via music video. Can't hate the direction either with Black Scale in the picture. Hands down, Clyde is still on my Top artists to work with in the Bay. In due time. Enjoy!

What happened to the Remix?

Just Blaze explains the death of the remix and how BDS spins destroyed the artform.

The Art of Sampling w/ 9th Wonder

E-40 "My Lil Gimey N*gga" feat. Stressmatic

Look out for the new album. Same as the last one, but OVERTIME. I'm not too sure when it's supposed to come out, cause I could of sworn I seen a due date for February. I'm sure it'll be soon.

Here is the latest video for his next album.

Cousin Fik "Ghost of Hyphy"

Bay Area's 2010 Freshman rapper is the "Ghost of Hyphy"and what better home to come from than the house of Sik Wid It Records. This is an online leak for I don't know what. I don't remember hearing this on Cousin Fik's last release, "No Gravity". Stay tuned, cause you can expect some good ol' fashion Bay Area sounds from this artist.

2011 Distortion 2 Static (Pilot)

Like what you see? Leave some feedback: holla@distortion2static.com



These shots are amazing and the soundtrack is ILL! Thats all, enjoy!

Droop E vs. XXL

The up and coming Cali talent and E-40′s son opens up at a recent shoot for the Freshmen issue…

Mike Dash E "Dash With Me"

Yesterday, Mike Dash E dropped his debut album, "Dash With Me" which includes features such as, Erk Tha Jerk, Big Rich, IamSu, Matt Blaque, Jay Ant, Viveca Hawkins, Laroo and many more. As of now, the album can only be previewed and purchased on his website: www.mikedashe.com

Check out the trailer for his upcoming documentary that will most likely showcase the process and work he put into getting his debut album out. Shout out to Al Lagura of "Want Vs. Need" for choosing the song I produced, "Why they call me Dash" for the soundtrack.

REL x JBillion present "MVMNT"

Mark your calendars people, the album is on its way. This should be a great release as I anticipate a solid foundation for the debut. We've worked long hours during post production to get this ready, but the HNIC REL of Distortion 2 Static has put his time and effort to make sure the visuals will be active in a timely manner. That being said, here is the first video of many for the MVMNT series. Enjoy!


Lex Luger

The story of a young, successful beatmaker. Don't stop creating!

Lex Luger is the producer to the hit singles:
  • Rick Ross "BMF"
  • Wakka Flakka Flame "Hard in the Paint"
  • Jay Z & Kanye "HAM"