Damey "Wha'cha Say?" feat. JBillion

Mac Mall x Homewrecka x Young Robbery "Informer 4 Dead"

Here is a track from one of DLK Enterprise's latest releases, "Hood Files" which features music from Mac Mall, Young Boo, Homewreca, Boo Banga, Telly Mac, and Dirty J just to name a few. "Informer 4 Dead" is a track produced by Dex Beats.

"Informer 4 Dead" feat. Mac Mall, Homewrecka & Young Robbery

Big Krit "Dreaming"

I really like this record which is also the first leak from Big Krit's debut album "Return of 4EVA". Check out the artwork, SICK!

Def Jam "Cipher Sessions" (WEST COAST)

Bay Area Rap Art

Artist: Wayland

Thizzler x Hongry

SNF (Succeed Never Fail) artist, Hongry is here to tell you his story through Thizzler.com You should already know how Thizzler does and what information you can expect. Get Familiar, and look out for Hongry's debut mixtape, street album, what have you, coming real soon!

Yung Lott "Change" feat. Damey

The homie Yung Lott comes with this interesting video which involves the XBox Kinect game "Dance". Shit is hilarious, dude is goin in and gets vexxed when his girl interrupts his dance session. Really though, no girl needs to walk home to some bullshit like that! LOL! I mean look at the screen capture of the video. LMAO!

Big up to Powerhouse films for exposing the man and his vices.

Davinci "Blame Game" prod. Al Jieh

Davinci is back!! 2011 marks the year the Thorobred Aristocrat releases the "Feast or Famine EP" and the awaited "Mona Lisa LP" which I heard has been masterpiece in the making for quite some time now. If you haven't already copped the 2010 release, "The Day the Turf Stood Still" you can now for FREE at http://www.swtbrds.com DON'T SLEEP!

Big up to the SWTBRD collective and Al Jieh's brilliant idea to shoot the entire video with a Digital Harinezumi. That's insane and definitely a bold move thinking out the box.

EVENODDS "In a Frisco Minute" feat. City P

Happy Birthday to the CEO and head engineer at the notorious music studio, Official Bizness in San Francisco, DEO. This song is set to release on DJ Twelvz album. Stay Tuned.


Dr. Dre "I Need a Doctor" feat. Eminem

I ain't mad you Doc! You've been such an inspiration. I know this video will wake a whole lot of people up and possibly have some artist shit they pants! Congratulations on all your success and I'm hoping one day we can meet.


Armani DePaul x DB Tha General x Roach Gigz

Dee 1 "Its My Turn"

I was really impressed from Dee 1's first video "Jay, 50 & Weezy" but more importantly afraid that the kid would pigeon hole himself as some kind of Rap savior or super conscious rapper. It also seems like he was screaming for attention, which worked to a tee, but with this new video entitled, "Its My Turn" in my opinion just seems too desperate. I'm really hoping he gets out of this hole and just continues to make great records without begging us to, LISTEN! We are DEE, now give us something to slap while not having to think to hard.

Mike Dash E "Thril" prod. 6Fingaz

Mike Dash E's album, "Dash With Me" releases first thing next week March 1st, but before his debut album he drops this video directed my Aris Jerome, entitled Thrill. I remember posting this joint the day Mike leaked it on twitter and I've been a fan of the record since. I think the exact words I said was, "refreshing". Good luck to the kid, I'm sure you'll be alright! LEGO!

Turf Talk "Bay Boy" feat. Mistah FAB

Rooting for the home team. T DOT!!

The 6th Letter "Groupies, Doobies & Loose Leafs"

Dope record. Check out more of 6th Letter's musc @ youtube.com/FreshieATR


Bailey "Feelin' like a Giant" feat. Ashkon

Remember how I mentioned Bailey, Ashkon and myself had something brewing for the San Francisco Giants? Check it!

Kanye West "All of the Lights"

This video couldn't of popped up at a better time. Not only is this my favorite joint from Kanye's latest album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" but somehow I feel very motivated and strong right now. A lot of beautiful opportunities have come to play and I can't wait to take advantage of them and just show out. I want to take this opportunity also to say hello to my late uncle Francis. RIP uncle. I love you and miss you. Thank you for watching over us during these times.

2011 XXL's Top 10 Freshmen

So, the wait is over and now the controversy begins. To be honest, just like last year I hardly heard any of the music coming from these artist. I've downloaded music from Mac Miller, Yella Wolf, Kendrick Lamar, and Lil B last year to no disappoint. But, for the rest of the freshman, I either heard your name once or none at all. Not saying that you don't deserve to be on the list but damn, who are you again? Big shout to Lil B from "The Pack" for showin' out for the Bay Area.

My predictions who will sell the most records from this list for 2011 are, Lil B, Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, and Yella Wolf.


Big up to one of the strongest brands in San Francisco right now and their new looks for 2011. Also, always appreciated the support they've shown for my craft.

Black Scale Spring/Summer 2011 Video Lookbook from Black Scale on Vimeo.

Young Gully "Hustla Movement 3"

The kid got skill! Download his latest mixtape "Hustla's Movement 3" and enjoy the the rest of your day!

Mac Miller "She Said"

Yesterday Mac Miller released this exclusive from his next project "Best Day Ever" to celebrate his 2011 Top Freshman achievement.


Shady Nate "Free Da Mobb"

I fuck with good music, PERIOD! Big up to DJ Fresh!

Damey "Store Run"

Being a producer in the Bay Area I believe I have an obligation to keep my ear to the streets, online, and what have you and look for fresh new talent. The new talent in the BAY also deserve to be recognized and credited for making quality records and more importantly not be over shadowed by the legends and Bay Area elite before them. Peep game & an open mind! This record is solid top to bottom, from the content + concept + visual. Enjoy!


Roach Gigz "Syrup Thighs"

Live in Hawaii sippin syrup in on the beach. This is the life. Enjoy!

"The inspiration was paradise," explains Roach. "I just thought there would be no better song to shoot in as beautiful a place as this one." Fitting, indeed, since visiting paradise is a recurring lyrical theme throughout "Syrup Thighs," although Roach leaves it up to listeners to decide whether he is rapping about a girl or prescription cough syrup." -Audible Treats


Araab Muzik battle or murder?

Found this a few minutes right after it was uploaded. This gotta be some old school shit. The kid was waaaay ahead of his time.

Keak Da Sneak "Sneakacydal Returns"

DJ Fresh and the Whole Shabang present to you The Tonite Show with Keak Da Sneak, entitled "Sneakacydal Returns." Now available on iTunes!

Money Making Jam Boys

I never thought Black Thought would partake in a super group. AND even if I did, it had to be vicious, but never this versatile. Let Black himself introduce to you this years competition in lyricism and delivery! Fix ya face!

Highsnobiety TV: 10deep x Money Making Jam Boys Episode 1 from Highsnobiety on Vimeo.

Rob Jay "Javascript"

Meet Rob Jay; originally from Texas and now residing in the Bay Area. He was looking for a studio and low and behold he found 37Hundred. It was pleasure and refreshing to meet such a unique lyricist with versatile content. In my opinion, if Slick Rick had the IQ of Albert Einstein, Rob Jay would be the voice. Does that make any sense? LOL. Rob Jay is back on his grind, heavy! Stay Tuned!

J Cole "In the Morning" feat. Drake

If I were to shoot a video right now, this is what it would look like. Dope!

Thizzler x Mike Dash E

Today Mike Dash E came to the studio today to rock up a teaser to his upcoming album "Dash With Me." The young CEO to his own right got a solid grind. When they say, "hard work pays off" this kid will have the last laugh. Check out his interview with Thizzler.com


P-Funk "SMILE"

What up young blood! The homie P-Funk just released this exclusive leake specifically for Valentines day. The song is entitled "Smile" produced by CeeRock of Risky Biz. Smooth! Enjoy.


LES TWINS "An Industry Ahead"

YAK FILMS!! This shit is ill.


Hopie Spitshard "Dulce Vita"

Bay Area Emcee Hopie Spitshard drops the follow up after "The Diamond Dame" entitled; "Dulce Vita" presented by Adapt Clothing and 24 Milkcrate. The album features production from Drums & Ammo producer, 6 Fingaz. Download the album and get familiar!



Fuckin' RAD!

Ran across a very interesting series on the internet today, Art Goon'in! As far as I can remember I always been drawing, doodling, painting, etc. AND this kid kind of inspired me to do what we do the best, and keep rockin'! Enjoy!


San Quinn "Can't Take the Ghetto out a N*gga"

I just got word that this is a street album and should not be mistaken for an album that will follow up From A Boy to a Man. There is also no release date. Stay tuned!

Ya Boy feat. Wiz Khalifa "Get Her High"

Black & Orange x Black & Yellow! The LA Rockstar and Bay Area native pairs up with the hottest young new talent in Hip Hop, Wiz Khalifa. But, you should already know that!

Zion I & The Grouch - Heroes in the Healing of the Nation


Under The Bay Season 2: The Mixtape (FREE!)

It's here! Under The Bay Season 2: The Mixtape, featuring exclusive new tracks from everybody who was interviewed in Season 2 of Under The Bay, including Mistah F.A.B., Young Gully, Stevie Joe, Sunspot Jonz (of Living Legends/Mystik Journeymen), San Quinn, Moe Green, BOAC, DoDAT, NhT Boyz, Catalyst, Plane Jane, ST Spittin, Meko Mcafee, DJ Fresh, Nump, Ammbush and Willie Joe!



Stevie Joe "80s Baby" Livewire Remix f/ Lil Blood, Maybach, Philthy Rich, J Stalin, Shady Nate

808 x cowbell x clap = SLAAAP! Livewire you bitch! They killin' it.


Thizzler x iamSu!

The other day I heard this simple ass song on the radio and was like who the hell is this. I already knew off top it was some Bay shit cause we just ill like that. The song was called; "UP" by Loverance feat. iamSU! Get Familiar, this song just might be the next big thing after R.O.D.'s "I Can't Stand You."

Meet IamSu!


Goapele "Nothing Compares 2 You"

This is by far my favorite "Runaway" rendition. Kanye West eat your heart out!

I love her voice. Always have, always will. But, when will we meet?

Loaded Weapon Trailer

DJ Crook will be releasing the second volume to his Stompilation series real soon. In the meantime he's knocking out videos for every song on the compilation. Here is the trailer to the video "Loaded Weapon" featuring Philthy Rich, Laroo, Bailey and Goldie Gold! Produced by DEX BEATS! Enjoy.

Bailey "Raised in the 90's"

SLAP! Big up to Thizzler.

The New Bay?

This all seems all too familiar, but never televised like you are about to witness. But, if you want to know my opinion;



Locksmith "Lock"

Locksmith went from duo to solo, west coast to east coast, now Easki to Ski Beats. The former Bay Area artist is moving with a quiet storm. Can't knock the hustle!

Pritty Gritty "Lost in the Music VOL. 2"

The homie Gritty just released the second volume to his "Lost in the Music" series. It features San Quinn, Roach Gigz, Barnone and more. Including production from DJ Natural, J Moe, and myself. Pritty has been a big supporter of mine and I can't be more proud of him releasing his 2nd project and dedicating himself to his craft. Big up bro! To everyone else, please check out his mixtape and download it for FREE!


Philthy Rich "Speak'n on the Kid"

Livewire artist, Philthy Rich dropped his album today "Trippin For Life" along with this new visual. Go get it!