I never really checked up on World Star to be updated on whats been happening in the industry cause they just had too much content to view. But I usually did come across their site a lot due to mainey shit like; Boy gets spanked for acting on FaceBook and fights. LOL! The site once known to be Notorious for helping independent artist get major exposure shuts down by none other than 50 Cent. I'm guessing because he can, and he just didn't like the website. The man has power, don't test him. The next time you want to talk shit bout 50, you better think twice. He'll hack your Facebook!

Follw @50Cent

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melanie said...

omg really! this is a really big pet peeve of mine. if you are going to criticize other people, you better get your sh*t right. "as a hole" how about "whole?" i can tear him apart for days just off this snippet of tweets. but, i'll spare you. i can't stand people in the public eye that don't know how to handle themselves professionally. this is why our youth is so jacked. please, learn how to talk and write, there are impressionable kids that look up to you. ok ok..i've vented enough.