Mistah Fab "Boom Bap"

This shit is dope! Thanks FabbY!

Introduction: DJ Rah2K

Meet DJ Rah2K! Not only is he one of the most reputable West Coast DJ's but he also was the first to place "Rockin' Up Work" on a mixtape. That marked my first time on an industry mixtape. Make sure you download his mixtapes at http://www.mixtapepass.com/artist/dj_rah2k

The Jacka "Untitled"

The Jacka needs you to help him find the title for this track. Hit him on twitter and tell'em. twitter.com/theJacka

A new marketing ploy to intrigue your followers or just plain laziness? LOL! Either way, I think this is a great plan to get your fans and audience involved in the creative process.

If it was up to me, I'd name it "REFLECTION"

Eminem - Syllables ft. Dr Dre, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Stat Quo & Cashis

I'm not too sure bout this song. Yah, for sure this song is about lyrics and content, but the beat does not do these artist justice. Someone find me a the accapella.


Ampichino "Getting Over You"

Ampichino dropped this Twitter release today, I think? Ampichino was also featured on "No Tears" from him and Jacka's, "Devilz Rejectz 2" Which is a smash!


The Get: Live Sessions (teaser)

The Get:Live sessions are a series of webisodes dedicated to showcasing emerging talent within a regional area, by providing quality documentation of a performer doing what they do best. Through partnerships with local Filmmakers, Blogs, and Artists, we seek to nurture a collective effort around our mission - to keep good art in rotation! Our pilot series of the Get:live sessions will be based around our home of the Bay Area, CA.


Kevin Hart x P Diddy = FIRE!!

Cut the camera off! LOL! P Diddy is doing mad promo for his latest album, "Last Train to Paris." He using all major internet resources to help promote. Here is a clip taken from a LIVE Ustream feed.

Last Train to Paris


Benzo "Sungod" Mixtape

Check out Bay Area Latino Rapper, Benzo and his latest mixtape which features, Freeway, Gudda Gudda of Young Money, and production from Beathoven and myslf. I produced "B Me" & "Wanna Know."

Young L "Concious Minds"


Do you know Kev Choice?

Oakland native Kev Choice is one of the many elite artists from the Bay Area. Not only is he a talented pianist, but the man can move the crowd at the same time. He can rap & play keys, if that ain't ill you probably think rappin' and clappin' spoons is dope.

"This incredibly well-rounded MC/Pianist/Producer also has an impressive resume as an in-demand Keyboardist for Dwele, The Martin Luther Experience, Too $hort, Goapele and (formerly) Lauryn Hill and DJ Quick. His resume demonstrates that he is on a mission to continuously take his craft to a higher level and elevate his game. "


J DILLA Documentary (Stussy)

Rest In Peace DILLA! A true inspiration!

Erk Tha Jerk feat. London "HA HA"

"Ha Ha"
Erk Tha Jerk feat. London
Nerds Eye View
Red Planet Music Group
Directed by Erk Tha Jerk / Clay & Magz


Dr. Dre "Kush" feat. Snoop Dogg & Akon [VIDEO]

Take cover, Dr. Dre is in the building. The OG is about to go in on the industry, moving faster than the speed of light. This video is dope!! WEST SIIIIIIIIDE!

Kendrick Lamar "Look out for Detox"

Reintroduction to Kendrick Lamar in case you missed it. This is Dr. Dre's new prospect from none other than Compton. Remember what Dre did for Snoop Dogg? Well, imagine what he got planned for Kendrick. DAMN!

Snow tha Product

Introduuuuuuucing SNOW THA PRODUCT!! Stop sleeping, WAKE UP! This girl is fuckin' solid! DAMN! She is definitely from the Bay, but not sure what city yet. Enjoy!

Shout out to Emdubious for posting this on FB! More on Snow @ www.wakeyagameup.com

DJ Ease – I’m Fresh

Roachy Balboa 2

Hi kids!! Roachy is back and possibly 100xs more anticipated than ever. The sequel to Roachy Balboa is coming January 4, 2011 and its FREE! Mark your calendars and bookmark RoachGigz.com cause its comin! BUT, if you wanna see more of Roach Gigz, put some money in the guys' pocket and purchase the special collectors edition which will come shrink wrapped with bonus material and goodies.

The Seventh Letter


Dwight the Yung 1 "Get it In"

Haven't heard much from Dwight in a minute, but glad the kid still got it!


Locksmith "Mad World"

"Man you would be surprised, he doesn't write anything down on paper, Blackberry's, etc. He thinks up the song and lays it down. I gave him the track and he kinda zoned out...the rest is history." -LEFT of the Frontline

Hongry "Flyer Than Ever"

Get Familiar!

Ka'Ra Kersey "Fuchsia Glaze"

The homie Hongry had played this video for Nio and I at the the studio Wednesday night and I was blown away. It sounds familiar but its coming from Oakland! Feel me? There is something about this girl that is just screaming to work with her. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Enjoy!

Say Knowledge "My Negro League"

The homie @ChasenPaper over at 24milkcrate.com cut this piece up for new comer Say Knowledge from Nor Cal. Check it out!

Stompilaton 2 video shoot

The curator of the infamous Stompilation; DJ Crook is back and ready to drop the second volume and from what he told me the day of the video shoot of the song I produced, he said that volume 2 is finished and is now working on shooting a video to every song. Now, that's a dope compilation considering that from the looks of it, it'll possibly come out with a DVD, just like its predecessor.

The song I placed on the Stompilation Vol. 2 will feature Laroo, Philthy Rich, Bailey and Goldie on the hook. I think the tentative title is "Gunz & Azz." At the video shoot they had legendary cameos. The likes of San Quinn, Turf Talk, and Nio tha Gift all came to show support and strength for DJ Crook.  It seemed like a great network of friends.

So make sure you look out for the videos and buy the compilation when it drops!


Roll a joint with Wiz. YOU NOOB!!

This ain't nothing special, us wavy boys been rolling boats. But for you Noobs, get excited, Wiz gon' school you! Twist it, Bite it, Lite it!

Kanye West "Monster" (trailer)

Considering that TV will be one of our past times and live broadcasting will soon be streamed, it looks like music videos are also more aggressive when expressing their freedom of speech and artistic views. No more rules!! This video looks crazy. The song "Monster" also features hip hop all stars, Rick Ross, Nikki Minage, and none other that the biggest monster of them all Jay-Z. Enjoy the trailer, which will soon be the talk of the town since Keri Hilson's, "Fuck, fuck, fuck" song. Lol.

Here is Keri expressing her, ugh, woman pouch!

Dev "Bass Down Low" feat. Cataracs

As much as I can't help but gig when I hear shit slap, I gotta show made love for my Bay Area artist!


The Gorillaz x Snoop Dogg

You ever wonder what a Gorillaz feat. Snoop Dogg collaboration would sound like? I didn't.


Mistah Fab "Mama"

Recently Mistah Fab's mother died from Cancer. I hate to hear news like this especially during the holidays. I've had the upmost respect for FAB since I met him, he's always been really genuine with me. Doing a song for moms, a few days after she passes takes a lot of strength, love and dedication. I salute you bro!!

If you'd like to help FAB out, here is a recent tweet:

GoBots: The Jacka & Lee Majors feat Paul Wall

"Patty Cake" one of my fav's from GoBots 2!! Mob Figaz x The Regime x Swisher House!

The Gobots 2: D-Boy Era [Explicit]


Turf Fienz x YAK Films

Oaklands finest! Featuring eNinja, Chonkie, NoNoise, BJ, Joyntz and Larry of TURF FEINZ


Studio session w/ J. Cole

Take a look at how magic is created.


Strong Arm Steady feat. Too Short "On Point"

Mistah FAB "The Eulogy (Blame Me)"

I've always respected FAB for keepin it 100. The first time I met FAB he listened to my beats and told me "You got it. No Bullshit." We have records together but we have yet to work in the studio together. In due time, for sure!!

This song is crazy! I'm feelin' this! It puts everything in perspective. Big up to Droop-E!!