FREEWAY "Beautiful Music" (Video)

"Beautiful Music" which was produced by Jake One is part of Freeway's latest collaboration effort with Jake entitled, "Stimulus Package." This album is a great representation of Hip Hop is, was, and supposed to sound. Early!

Zion I (New Album 2010) - "Atomic Clock" Snippets

After delving into upbeat, electronic music on 2009's The Takeover, Oakland hip-hop stalwarts Zion I enter a new phase of their chameleonic career with Atomic Clock (November 9th, Gold Dust), a moody, emotional record inspired by the group's longtime admiration for reggae and dub.

While the group's roots are still firmly planted in hip-hop, Atomic Clock's cavernous, atmospheric vibe recalls both the classic roots reggae of Max Romeo and The Congos and forward-thinking dub mixing of UK artists such as Adrian Sherwood. "The Takeover was a very external record and we wanted to focus on fun, party music," says emcee Zumbi. "This one is much more reflective and internal. We didn't want to just recreate what we did last album. Art is not about living in the past."

Zion I New Album
Atomic Clock available in Digital / CD / Vinyl

Pre-Sale for Atomic Clock Begins 10.13.2010

For Free Downloads:


The Jacka & Ampichino "Devilz Rejectz 2"

Going through Siccness and stumbled upon the snippets to The Jacka & Ampichino's sequel to "Devil's Rejects" entitled "House of the Dead." Make sure you copp and support this album OCT. 19th, cause yo' boy got a track on there!! The record is #3 "No Tears."

Listen to "House of Dead" SNIPPETS.


Erk Tha Jerk "Perfect Mistake"

Erk Tha Jerk's new clip for "Perfect Mistake," a single off The Prelude, the forthcoming free EP release and precursor to his imminent debut Nerd's Eye View, breaks music video conventions in such a way that it's hard to consider it a part of the same medium - less MTV fare than short film. A tale of crime and betrayal, the video captures the aftermath of what appears to have been a diamond heist and follows a Bonnie and Clyde-esque couple, played by Erk and R&B Singer Netta. And while many have made songs to serve as a metaphor for their relationship with music, here, Erk takes things one step further, serving up a video that acts as a metaphor for an artist's relationship with the music industry that exploits and sells the music. "Netta represents the music industry in the video," explains the Bay Area rapper. "The diamonds represent the fancy things that 'it' can bring. In the video, it makes me feel wanted, then, in the end, sets me up and leaves me worse off that when I started."

One of the more interesting points to note is the fact that "Perfect Mistake" only plays throughout the first two-thirds of the clip. In the final minute, the drama is heightened through the use of a propulsive percussion track followed by thirty seconds of complete silence. Erk, himself, was the force behind the video and it's important to recognize how the song's lyrics mirror the creative process. "The line 'I'm sick and you can feel me coming like the flu / I ain't never ran, but I run it like I do,' is something that captures the mood," the rapper explains. "It's a nod to people who find it hard to believe that I work hard, from producing the music to directing the video." It can be a risk when any artist is as hands-on with his vision as Erk Tha Jerk. Here, though, congratulations are in order, as both the song and the video are a triumph. -Audible Treats

J. Cole Talks Producing & His Inspirations

J.Cole speaks extensively on producing records, his beatmaking inspirations, cratedigging in the digital age, working alongside No I.D. for his debut and existing in an era not dominated by gangsta rap.


Camron vs. Kanye (Runaway Diss)

Camron takes shots at Kanye West. What will Kanye do next? LOL!

Download Cam'ron Jim Jones Toast 2dope mp3

Trackademicks feat. "Phonte" "Fool on the Hill"

Bay Area's Honor Roll; Trackademicks and Little Brother's Phonte attack this mellow sick hip hop feelin' oldschool light a blunt and spark it joint, entitled "Fool on the Hill." Enjoy!

Camron x Jim Jones DISS Kanye & Jay Z!

This clip is wack, but straight to the point. Looks like Dipset is going head on with ex Rocafellians over Kanye's latest beat, "Runaway." I can't wait to see what this stirs up with Kanye, but as for Jay, he's already ran thru'em. Right?


The Living Legend himself is a verstatile emcee. The artist from Los Angeles has been in the game for over 10 years. He started in '93 with his group Melancholy Gypsies, then later on joined forces with Mystic Journeymen to create the elite, Living Legends in '96. Well guess what! His latest release was in 1998, entitled "Murs for President." So, maybe the LA underground boss is ready and looking for some new material. Who knows? Good luck.

SEND BEATS TO MURS: beatsformurs@gmail.com


Future Magic "Light Painting"

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

AP. 9 "The MOB"

I believe this is a leak from the Mob Figaz member AP. 9. I'm not sure for what, but you can definitely expect his double album "Relentless" coming soon.


R.O.D. feat. Freeway "I Can't Stand You"

After months of Bay Area's KMEL radio rotation, we finally get a chance to see the R&B sensation R.O.D. make his way for Nation wide exposure. He currently locked in a deal with E1 formerly known as Koch records. Soon after the "I Can't Stand You" video surfaces with Philadelphia's own Freeway!! Solid feature and I actually had the pleasure of meeting and working with both artist. Make sure to vote for the video, which aired on 106th & Park as the "New Joint of the Day."

This is great news for the Bay Area scene once again!! Congratz to the R.O.D. Project. AND major props to M.A. from Evenodss for producing a the beat that played almost every 30mins on the radio!

Audible Treats

Think of them as a Virtual PR. They get you seen on major blogs, websites, and even publications. Some of their services include, Online Marketing and Media Buys, Online and Print publicity, Cross Media, and Content Distribution and Placement. Clients requesting their services include T-Pain, Talib Kweli, K’naan, Black Sheep, Remy Ma, E-40, Nelly, Huey, Illa J, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Too $hort, dead prez, Mario, Raheem DeVaughn, K’Jon, Del the Funky Homosapien, The Pharcyde, etc.

They currently have Bay Area's Roach Gigz cookin' in the office, check it out:

Roach Gigz PT. 1
Roach Gigz PT. 2
Roach Gigz PT. 3
Roach Gigz PT. 4

BIG shout out to, Jake Rich!

Slow Motion Lightning w/ Canon 7D

Everyday I find more and more videos that suck me into the videography world. The possibilities are endless with DSLR's. I love it! I am still awaiting my music video debut. Soon my friends, soon!


Roach Gigz Collaboration

In no particular order would I rate this years Bay Area Freshman, but by far Roach is on my top 3. That's why after a few phone calls and wigglin' through social networks, I finally got a hold of him and had him meet me in the studio to hopefully create some exclusive material. With no intention to place music on any future projects, I think it's safe to say that we linked up soley cause thats what musicians and artists do.  I won't give much away about our collaboration, but I'll tell you that it may be something that hasn't been done, yet. It'll incorporate all media mediums and focus on interacting with our audience. We spoke for almost 3 hrs before we even got to recording. It was a great meeting, and am happy to know Roach Gigz on a more personal level.




YOUNG GULLY "93' Till Remix"

The day I heard Young Gully's first version of this remix without Pep Love I became an instant fan. I found it over on the forums of siccness.net. I think late last year I bumped into it and thought to myself this had to be the best remix I heard. AND being that it's one of my favorite Bay Area songs hands down, I'm pretty hard to impress.

Here is his latest video to his mixtape, "Definition of Gas", but this time around the remix is blessed by the Hiero legend himself, Pep Love, who I might add is one of favorite spitters from the Imperium. Enjoy!


BeeTiki "Pass You Twice" (Metroid Beat)

Here is an exclusive track I produced for the Under The Bay Vol. 1 compilation. It features Bay Area artist, BeeTiki from the group Elemnop. The beat is very reminiscent of the first Metroid video game from the 8 Bit Nintendo Entertainment System from 1984.

You can download BeeTiki's solo debut album, "I AM I" now on iTunes and www.beetiki.com. The album features more production from myself and features collaborations with San Quinn, Melina Jones, Bambu, and many more.

You can download the Under The Bay Vol. 1 @ www.thizzler.com

Also, thank you to HalDanGhar for uploading his video. He defeats the game I could not when I was young. Cheers!