Everything you need in a DSLR Rig!!

MAAAAN, this is definitely on my goal list! Shouldn't be so hard, it only retails for $2368.

DSLR Field Cinema Deluxe Bundle

The Redrock DSLR Field Deluxe Cinema Bundle is a comprehensive package for converting video DSLRs to useful cinema production rigs. This rig is ideal for DSLRs that have the ability to output an HD picture to an external monitor while recording. Having an HD monitor opens new doors like the ability to allow a Camera Assistant to pull focus as opposed to the operator. It also allows users to take full advantage of the features that professional HD monitors offer.

Check it out: Redrock OPS

Alexander Spit @ Manor West SF

Alexander Spit came back to San Francisco for a visit and blessed Manor West with an incredible performance. I remember working on this song when he booked time at 37Hundred. It's great to see the end product. It sounds like a great song to end or start the night with! Enjoy.

Alexander Spit @ Manor West from The Sosiety on Vimeo.


Here is an instructional video shot by the homie Jan Wayne Swayze. Music for the video are produced by ME! Shout out to the MTN Family, the legendary Vogue, and to the late DREAM! TDK!



E-40 Ft Droop-E, B Slimm, The DB'z & Laroo - Spend The Night

Directed by none other than PRIME ZERO!!

BeeTiki "Pass You Twice" Prod. Dex Beats (Metroid Beat)

You already know!! WWW.BEETIKI.COM

Big A "Never Stop Pushing" [Oscar Grant Tribute]

Big A is a new addition to the many talented and young artists that record at my studio, 37Hundred.com. Young skin got heart. I respect the effort and grind, pushing out numerous videos from his latest project "Digital Crack." Downloadable here!


<a href="http://biga.bandcamp.com/album/digital-crack-the-mixtape">Bay Area by Big A</a>


Camron samples homeless guy!

So the story is that this guy Red is bad azz! He got skills and definitely some creative bars. Well, Camron made a song to his composition and I believe is currently trying to search for dude so he can get him paid. But, he's no where to be found. G Funk RED, come get yo paper, bruh!

Now check out the actual song featuring Snoop Dogg.

Cam'ron feat. Snoop Dogg - Yo Momma On Ya


Something NEW fo' dat azzz!

Something I stumbled upon, thanks to the good folk at 24Karat Milkcrate. Enjoy!


When I heard Method Man's "All I Need" I was introduced to Wu Tang! Trust. Wu Tang opened up this new lifestyle when I was young. Polo's, Tommy Hilfiger, Timberlands, Clark Wallabees; you name it I was rockin' it, one leg rolled up and shit. Straight up and down son! Music was never the same and never will be again.

Summer Don't Love Me Nomore!

I thought this song would be appropriate today cause here in South San Francisco we just had our summer come then go in 4 days. It was hot as hell, but I ain't mad, I cant stand the heat. This song is from Bay Area artist at large, The Jacka from his latest release, "Tear Gas." Enjoy!

"Got Doe" Lee Major feat. Jessica Rabbit

Here is an exclusive leak from Lee Majors feat. Jessica Rabbit produced by me. This one is one of the many songs Lee Majors & I collaborated on. Working with Lee Majors is definitely a solid growing relationship. Although were from different cities, it works because our work ethic is similar. This record is just the tip of the iceberg. Enjoy!


Star Wars x Adidas

Step into the Dark Side!! I thought this was a cool collaboration yet stylish. When my studio was in my garage my friends and I called it, DarkSide! Available sometime in the fall


ZION I "So Tall"

Bay Area's own Zion I is one of my favorite groups hands down. Enjoy!



The Atlanta, Georgia bred Stat Quo just released his latest album "Statlanta" under Sha Money XL's independent label, Dream Big Ventures. So, that means the Shady affiliate might just be looking for some new beats. Production from "Statlanata" included major producers such as Boi-1da and Sha Money himself. Good Luck!


Thizz City "Intro & Outro" prod. Dex Beats

Whhaaaz haaatnin'! OH KAAY!

These would've made dope records, but I can't be mad! This album was put solely together in effort to bring new and legendary talent from San Francisco on a compilation, under Mac Dre. MAC DRE, yaaaaadada! I'm honored to be a part of a dope album.



Philthy Rich - "I Represent It" (BAY AREA REMIX)

Bay Area remix to one of the singles off Philthy Rich's debut album "FUNK OR DIE".
Remix features Traxamillion, The Jacka, San Quinn, Willie Joe, The Hoodstarz, Laroo, Lil Hyfe, and Drew Deezy.

Directed by Damon Jamal
Edited by R K Israel Tamang

Grammy Award Winner producer David Banner

I just thought I pay dues to one of my favorite producers in Hip Hop hands down. After watching an interview on FUSED Hip Hop Shop, I realized how much of a smart and educated producer he is. He spoke a lot of truth and sparked a lot of insight and inspiration. The guy is making a lot of smart moves.

Pick up his upcoming album Nov. 9th. The album is a collaborative effort with another great producer, 9th Wonder. It is entitled "Death of a Pop Star."

The Gatorade commercial below is the works of Mr. Rubberband Man himself, David Banner.


"TURF FEINZ" Oakland, CA

Dancers are No Noize (red jacket), Man (back jacket), BJ (striped shirt), Dreal (white shirt).

Directed and edited by Yoram Savion

Music by Erk tha Jerk!!

Mike Dash E "Thrill" prod. 6 Fingers

The young homie Mike Dash E delivers a soulful addition for his upcoming album entitled, "Dash With Me." Definitely a SOLID album cut. Good shit to both involved. Visit: www.mikedashe.com

NESRA "Tired of the Extras"


Its very important these days to keep a tight network in your community, so you can help build a foundation together for everybody. Feel me? I met Nesra on the notorious Bay Area forum Siccness.net under B.A.R.T. which stands for Bay Area Rap Talk. Nesra got bars and a lot to say and deliver. It also comes to my attention that he's worked with people I worked with as well. Some of which who are pretty close. Small world! Give it a listen. This release is a joint venture with BayUndaground.com 


DIY Skater Dolly for DSLR

So we decided to put together a SpiderTraxDolly for fun. We used a lot of PVC and garden piping to put this dolly together all under $20 (trucks not included).

Purchase the original Spidertrax Dolly here!


Chris & Neef "I'm Ill"

P.I.'s version of Grindtime, "FlipTop"

I stumbled on this going through some analytics and even though I can't understand a single punchline it seemed intense and kept my attention to the end. What an eye opener. I never knew we had it like this! I gotta make my way back home someday and network. Props to Loonie & Zaito, you both did your thing!


Drake vs Affion Crocket

The homie JBillion brought this up at our last studio session and thought I check it out! The story is, if your anybody in the music industry and make your way to the UK, YOU GOTTA stop by Tim Westwoods spot for some radio promo and freestyles I guess. Check out Drakes performance!

NOW, watch Affion Crocket do this off the wall parody! LOL! Enjoy.


Bay Area Beat Factory feat. Dex Beats

I'm so happy I decided to buy an iPhone or I wouldn't be able to reap the benefits of seeing and hearing my beats on an actual iPhone app. WHOA! This is ill. The Bay Area Beat Factory iPhone app will be available for download in the app store August 18. If you purchase the app you can turn my new beats to ringtones, as well as other producers from the Bay, including DJ Fresh, CMT, Jeffro, Bedrock, Rob E, etc.

Benzo "Kicking Game" EPK

I believe Benzo was referred to my studio by a mutual friend over twitter; @scottfoobeats That was maybe 6 months ago and since then we've been in constant contact and business. We've worked on tons of material at 37Hundred and at 17Hertz studios. I've produced a lot of tracks on his debut street album "Kicking Game" alongside Beathoven. Benzo got great writing skills. Not only catchy but easy to listen too. Make sure to stay tuned and download the album when it drops! FOOTWORK!


Messy Marv presents "Thizz City"

Catch the intro beat of this new compilation/album produced by Dex Beats!! Copp it August 10, 2010. Big shout to Stretch who help make this placement happen.

On August 10 Town Thizzness label affiliate Thizz Nation will launch with a Messy Marv-helmed album. Released in conjunction with SMC Recordings, Messy Marv Presents Thizz Nation will feature such San Francisco hopefuls as Roach Gigz, Hustle Boys, Killa Kiese, Cam City, and Pac B.