Under The Bay Vol. 1

The same guys who came by the studio to do an interview with yours truly is here to bring you a mixtape which includes exclusive songs from every interviewee on season #1 including myself. I gave Emdubious a fresh new track from BeeTiki entitled, "Pass You Twice." If you came to the Red Bull Big Tune beat battle, you'll recognize the beat. Make sure to support and download the mixtape @ www.thizzler.com when it drops July 31st.




  1. Clif Soulo - Dope.Man (prod. Cooking Soul)
  2. Nima Fadavi - Spaceships ft. Rey Resurreccion (prod. Nima Fadavi)
  3. Citizen - Things Ain't What They Used To Be ft. Sean E Depp, Gee (prod. Citizen)
  4. Richie Cunning & QM - Alcoholiday ft. Dregs One (prod. Dregs One)
  5. Rafael Casal - 2 Faces ft. P. Jericho (prod. Mikos of 40Love)
  6. Ro Knew - Make You Move (Remix) (prod. Michael Stone)
  7. BPos (Goodword & D-Wiz) - The Station ft. Khafre (prod. Mazta I)
  8. Z-Man - I Can't Believe I Used To Go With You (prod. Moss)
  9. Seneca - Romantics (prod. Seneca)
  10. Khafre - The Same ft. Tess (prod. D-Wiz)
  11. DaVinci - Wild Side (prod. Shaad Wiggins)
  12. OrukusaKi - Stack Up (prod. Stro)
  13. Jern Eye - Big Ol' Bump ft. Kewl Chris (prod. Headnodic)
  14. Equivalent Exchange - Around That Corna ft. Errelevent, Jose Santana, Stik Gillatine (prod. Equivalent Exchange)
  15. Nio Tha Gift - I Gets It In ft. R.O.D. (prod. Jay Ell)
  16. The Dime (K.nightshift & Chioke) - Vinegar (prod. Tim Diesel)
  17. Balance - I'm Here Now ft. Greenspan, Rain (prod. Traklordz)
  18. TRUTHLiVE - God Bless (prod. TRUTHLiVE)
  19. Equipto (Bored Stiff) - Never Can Say ft. Akil, Rome (prod. Perk)
  20. Casual (Hieroglyphics) - Casual-ual! (prod. Rod Shields)
  21. Roach Gigz - Sweet Bandit (prod. C-Loz)
  22. Dex Beats - Pass U Twice ft. Beetiki (prod. Dex Beats)
  23. Big A - Get That Money (prod. Big A)

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