San Francisco's Red Bull Emsee Battle [RECAP]

First off, I felt this was going to be an interesting battle considering the circumstances. BUT, even though each emcee had to come off the top based on what picture popped up on the big screen, it seemed a little sloppy. But, don't get it twisted, a lot of the competitors were veteran Grindtime warriors AND sound a lot better acapella than they do freestyling over beats. I'm sure they knew it wasn't going to be easy. It's like the Red Bull Big Tune. Just cause you can make a beat, doesn't necessarily mean you'll advance. The Red Bull Emsee battle is still fresh and in its beginning stages, just wait till these emcee's actually figure out a formula to this chaos. Thanks to Emdubious of Thizzler.com for keeping me posted the night of the battle and for also posting the recaps. Visit his channel for all the SF footage HERE.

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