Red Bull Emsee battle, San Francisco

This should be very interesting. Why its called Em"SEE" and not EmCEE, I dont know? I haven't witnessed an emcee battle since I've been in one, which I won in 1998 at a Mighty 4 event. :)

The winner of SF will go head to head with other regional finalists in Detroit for a chance to win a complete production at the Red Bull Studios in Santa Monica with a major producer of their choice. BUT, this is not your average head to head emcee battle, check this out:

Each round will challenge MCs to be nimble, sharp and witty while dominating the stage. In round one, MCs will showcase their best flows over beats. In round two, their freestyle skills will be further challenged as they rap about themes that are texted to a screen by judges and the live audience. The third and final round is a head-to-head, a capella, take no prisoners battle-to-the-end.

103 Harriet, San Francisco 
FREE!!! Doors open at 8pm

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