Under The Bay Vol. 1

The same guys who came by the studio to do an interview with yours truly is here to bring you a mixtape which includes exclusive songs from every interviewee on season #1 including myself. I gave Emdubious a fresh new track from BeeTiki entitled, "Pass You Twice." If you came to the Red Bull Big Tune beat battle, you'll recognize the beat. Make sure to support and download the mixtape @ www.thizzler.com when it drops July 31st.




  1. Clif Soulo - Dope.Man (prod. Cooking Soul)
  2. Nima Fadavi - Spaceships ft. Rey Resurreccion (prod. Nima Fadavi)
  3. Citizen - Things Ain't What They Used To Be ft. Sean E Depp, Gee (prod. Citizen)
  4. Richie Cunning & QM - Alcoholiday ft. Dregs One (prod. Dregs One)
  5. Rafael Casal - 2 Faces ft. P. Jericho (prod. Mikos of 40Love)
  6. Ro Knew - Make You Move (Remix) (prod. Michael Stone)
  7. BPos (Goodword & D-Wiz) - The Station ft. Khafre (prod. Mazta I)
  8. Z-Man - I Can't Believe I Used To Go With You (prod. Moss)
  9. Seneca - Romantics (prod. Seneca)
  10. Khafre - The Same ft. Tess (prod. D-Wiz)
  11. DaVinci - Wild Side (prod. Shaad Wiggins)
  12. OrukusaKi - Stack Up (prod. Stro)
  13. Jern Eye - Big Ol' Bump ft. Kewl Chris (prod. Headnodic)
  14. Equivalent Exchange - Around That Corna ft. Errelevent, Jose Santana, Stik Gillatine (prod. Equivalent Exchange)
  15. Nio Tha Gift - I Gets It In ft. R.O.D. (prod. Jay Ell)
  16. The Dime (K.nightshift & Chioke) - Vinegar (prod. Tim Diesel)
  17. Balance - I'm Here Now ft. Greenspan, Rain (prod. Traklordz)
  18. TRUTHLiVE - God Bless (prod. TRUTHLiVE)
  19. Equipto (Bored Stiff) - Never Can Say ft. Akil, Rome (prod. Perk)
  20. Casual (Hieroglyphics) - Casual-ual! (prod. Rod Shields)
  21. Roach Gigz - Sweet Bandit (prod. C-Loz)
  22. Dex Beats - Pass U Twice ft. Beetiki (prod. Dex Beats)
  23. Big A - Get That Money (prod. Big A)


Great Movie. Period! Christopher Nolan is a great director/producer.


E-40 Feat. Kaveo & The Jacka - He's A Gangsta [VIDEO]

Fuckin' with E-40? The whole BAY on yo head, bwuuaaay!

Rocky Rivera "Trick Habit" (trailer)

Rocky Rivera is back at it again and keeping the momentum up with the trailer for her new video entitled "Trick Habit" off her self titled solo debut album "Rocky Rivera." Looks like a great video, well produced by the big homies, Kid Heroes! Big Up! Pick up the album on iTunes.

Rocky Rivera "Trick Habit" (Music Video TEASER) from Kid Heroes on Vimeo.


$hots Is Here Get It Clear [mixtape]

Check out this new artist, $HOTS. I met him through Siccness.net. #22 "Toe Up" on the his mixtape was produced by me. Enjoy! If it weren't for Google Alerts I would've never known about this drop.

DIY Fig Rig c/o Cheesy Cam & Rustworks

Getting ready to start shooting music videos. Just a few more pieces and we good. Calixte!

Here is our very first attempt at a DIY rig. The plans came from Cheesy Cam and we thought we take the rig to our good friends at Rustworks for some metal cutting and assembling. Enjoy the video. We had a good time putting this Fig Rig together.


The Young Gunz are BACK!!

 Man since Neef got locked up I've been waiting for this duo to come back with a vengeance. Here is their first track back for the first time.

Young Gunz "We're Back"

I introduce to you Pritty Gritty

Pritty Gritty and I have been working on music together for almost 3 years now. He's been there at the very beginning of 37Hundred studios. Since then he's been hard working on his craft and grinding in the Bay Area. He has a strong drive and works hard to provide for his family. Support his music by visiting his website and downloading his latest mixtape "Lost in the Music." 

This track I produced was my first attempt at scratching on a hook. Enjoy!

<a href="http://prittygritty.bandcamp.com/album/lost-in-the-music-vol-1">Intro- Cold Flow feat. K-Ro &amp; Barnone by Pritty Gritty</a>

DaVinci "Concrete Jungle Juice" [VIDEO]

Here is the 3rd video to "The Day the Turf Stood Still." From San Francisco's own Bay Area Freshman, DaVinci. Another great visual from up and comer videographer M. Ubungen. This is also one of my favorite joints on the album which DJ Ammbush of the Oakland Faders produced. Take a look at the end of the video where Davinci points out the burning twin t*wers on the back of a $10 bill. I had to see it for myself. Enjoy!


Bay Area's own "The Original Photo Doctor"

It's impossible to be a Bay Area music fan without having to see the works of "The Original Photo Doctor." San Quinn can tell you the story when the madness began. The Photo Doc got skills and here is his first installment to a 4 piece cover series for San Francisco's own rappers, Berner & Messy Marv's latest album, Blow: Blocks & Boat Docks. Coming August 17, 2010.

Here are some snippets:

INQUIRE PHOTO DOC @ www.photodoctorgraphics.com

Grindtime: Rap is a Joke

This has nothing to do with hip hop. Just a good laugh. This had me crackin' up.

San Francisco's Red Bull Emsee Battle [RECAP]

First off, I felt this was going to be an interesting battle considering the circumstances. BUT, even though each emcee had to come off the top based on what picture popped up on the big screen, it seemed a little sloppy. But, don't get it twisted, a lot of the competitors were veteran Grindtime warriors AND sound a lot better acapella than they do freestyling over beats. I'm sure they knew it wasn't going to be easy. It's like the Red Bull Big Tune. Just cause you can make a beat, doesn't necessarily mean you'll advance. The Red Bull Emsee battle is still fresh and in its beginning stages, just wait till these emcee's actually figure out a formula to this chaos. Thanks to Emdubious of Thizzler.com for keeping me posted the night of the battle and for also posting the recaps. Visit his channel for all the SF footage HERE.


J Cole "Premeditated Murder" [Leak?]

Can this be a possible leak from one of the hottest freshman from Jay-Z's RocNation? Premeditated Murder could be the first joint leaked from J Cole's solo debut album and in my opinion who gives a f*ck. Everyone's doing it and honestly it just builds more anticipation for the hot new artist.  J Cole got bars. Every verse is relevant.  Too bad he makes his own beats. In due time.

J. Cole "Premeditated Murder"

Red Bull Emsee battle, San Francisco

This should be very interesting. Why its called Em"SEE" and not EmCEE, I dont know? I haven't witnessed an emcee battle since I've been in one, which I won in 1998 at a Mighty 4 event. :)

The winner of SF will go head to head with other regional finalists in Detroit for a chance to win a complete production at the Red Bull Studios in Santa Monica with a major producer of their choice. BUT, this is not your average head to head emcee battle, check this out:

Each round will challenge MCs to be nimble, sharp and witty while dominating the stage. In round one, MCs will showcase their best flows over beats. In round two, their freestyle skills will be further challenged as they rap about themes that are texted to a screen by judges and the live audience. The third and final round is a head-to-head, a capella, take no prisoners battle-to-the-end.

103 Harriet, San Francisco 
FREE!!! Doors open at 8pm



A while back Styles P was searching for beats for his upcoming albums and mixtapes via twitter. Here is a chance to send some of those heavy samples over to one of the hardest lyricist from Queens & Bronx. Need I say more? SEND!

AZ "Feel My Pain" prod. Frank Dukes

Here is the latest video from Brooklyn's finest AZ. Coming from his next album entitled "Doe or Die 2." Which is the sequel to his 1995 solo debut. The song was also produced by 2009's Red Bull Big Tune champion. Big Up!

Dwight the Young 1 "1987"

A while back I mentioned Dwight stopping by the studio and helping him get off on the right foot. Just a few months after, he is now 2 mixtapes deep and has over a dozen guerilla flip videos on youtube. Here is Dwight's latest music video directed by Hayves Jr.



Akai Professional SynthStation For IPhone

Just on an iPhone hype for no apparent reason even though I'm still rockin a 3G iPhone. Just thought I share with you an app that I'm very much interested in buying.

SynthStation app features at a glance:

  • Play with the onscreen keyboard, XY controller, and arpeggiator controls
  • Create sounds with the three synthesizers and their controls from oscillators to LFOs, envelopes, and more
  • Perform and edit drums with 50 drum kits and MPC-style pad interface
  • Sequence with a Keyboard grid or Drum grid
  • Select and save your Song / Sequence projects
  • Control tempo and even tap in the tempo
  • Mix levels with the Mixer section, which has touch-controlled faders and FX send for the synths and drums
  • Select and control FX type and parameters

IK Multimedia's AmpliTube iRig iPhone adapter

AmpliTube iRig adapter enables iPod touch, iPad and iPhone users to jack their guitar or bass directly into their iDevice and access all sorts of effects. From there, users can pipe the audio to a pair of headphones or a guitar amp, theoretically allowing your handheld to supplant your mess of pedals. The iRig can be used with line level signal sources such as synthesizers, keyboards or mixing consoles, so there's that. It's available as we speak for $39.99 and users can expect an iPad-specific version of the AmpliTube app to be released in the near future. Whoa!


Red Bull Big Tune, San Francisco highlights

Traveling from all over the Bay area, 12 handpicked music producers made the journey to compete in the San Francisco Red Bull Big Tune series stop.

If you missed my personal recap of the battle READ HERE.