Senor Sisig's First Day

One thing that inspires me the most is the independent hustle that continues to thrive in San Francisco. No matter what, we will always find ways to make money and support our families independently if we must. Gil, the head chef on board told me the other night, "what better way to make money in this economy, than making money with something that you love..." I agree 100%, and I love my job!

Senor Sisig is a Filipino and Mexican fusion taco truck owned by 2 very good friends of mine who've I met through music and family. I was so intrigued by the idea that I had to help out and support the 2 entrepreneurs. So I brought out the Canon 5D Mark II. Here is my introduction to you, Senor Sisig!

Believe me when I say, "these tacos are goooood."

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