Dr. Dre "Under Pressure" feat. Jay-Z

My bad, when I saw this pic, I thought it best reflected the sound of this record. LOL! When you think of Dr. Dre you think of the Chronic and 2000. I heard earlier in an interview with Scott Storch that they had a problem trying NOT to recycle the sounds or styles of their past hits. BUT! When you haven't come out for years, we expect you to fill that void that we so desperately need. C'mon now, the drums and pattern are classic 1-2 Dre steez, but the synth?! #SMH OK, OK, I may be a bit harsh on a song that seems to be unfinished. There's no hook, so maybe it'll just get catchy and end up being a smash in the club. Who knows?

I hope they leaked this song to see what the public thinks. AND DRE, if your reading this, there are already thousands of kids in their bedrooms that are pushing these kinda beats, there's nothing special bout it. No one can replicate what you do, and maybe you should stick to the the sounds and beats you do best. Although, as artists I understand. I'll still buy your album though, cause I love the music and how it sonically sounds!

LISTEN: Dre Dre "Under Pressure" feat. Jay Z

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