Black Sheep "For the Record"

Black Sheep releases his video on the same day as his highly anticipated album, From The Black Pool Of Genius.


J COLE "Who Dat" [VIDEO]

What can you say, Cole has a vision! This video seems to have the same style as "Simba" and I can't be mad at. Enjoy, J. Cole's latest!

E-40 x Dem Hoodstarz x Mistah FAB "Outta Control"

Yaaaay Area!


Senor Sisig's First Day

One thing that inspires me the most is the independent hustle that continues to thrive in San Francisco. No matter what, we will always find ways to make money and support our families independently if we must. Gil, the head chef on board told me the other night, "what better way to make money in this economy, than making money with something that you love..." I agree 100%, and I love my job!

Senor Sisig is a Filipino and Mexican fusion taco truck owned by 2 very good friends of mine who've I met through music and family. I was so intrigued by the idea that I had to help out and support the 2 entrepreneurs. So I brought out the Canon 5D Mark II. Here is my introduction to you, Senor Sisig!

Believe me when I say, "these tacos are goooood."

Under the Bay Interview PT. 2

Kevin Hart as Money Mayweather

Here is some funny ass shit. EYES CLOSED!


Dipset Reunion?

So it looks like the Dipset is working on a reunion album. Seems like Camron finally came back to his senses and will be taking the leadership roll that once brought Dipset to the forefront. Hopefully this trailer is not just a trailer for an album we have to wait another year for. If so, I'm sure this album will be sick. I'm not the biggest fan, but I fucks wit'it. The original members of the group are Cam'ron, Jim Jones, and Freekey Zekey, who all grew up together on the East Side of Harlem. Juelz Santana was later added to the group in 2000.

Under The Bay Episode #25 w/ Dex Beats

The author of Thizzler On The Roof, Emdubious came by the studio for an interview. Enjoy!

Heroes in the City of Dope!

Been a fan of Zion I & Grouch since "Silly Puddy" & "Simple Man", ya feel me? Here is an in depth look of life on the road for the Oakland duo. Enjoy!


Miguel "All I Want Is You" feat J Cole

Bystorm/Jive recording artist Miguel is busy at work on his solo debut masterpiece titled, Gravity. Like most freshman R&B artists; the singer wrote hit songs for Musiq, Mary J Blige, Usher etc. I dig the sound! Reminds me of a Prince and Pharell mash-up. What do you think? This song features Roc Nation's J Cole, whose verse is nothing but clean. Enjoy!


Gotta give major props for this video shot and edited by a good friend at MTN Paint, Jan Wayne Swayze. We were just talking about the Canon T2i's video power. It's beast!  Also, big daps to Apex for all his success. I went from seeing his ufo shots on 101 signs to every major wall downtown San Francisco. Also to the creative mind behind this all, Mega of BLVCK SCVLE. A true inspiration to the independent hustle in SF.

55 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94108-5810
(415) 981-9690


Dr. Dre "Under Pressure" feat. Jay-Z

My bad, when I saw this pic, I thought it best reflected the sound of this record. LOL! When you think of Dr. Dre you think of the Chronic and 2000. I heard earlier in an interview with Scott Storch that they had a problem trying NOT to recycle the sounds or styles of their past hits. BUT! When you haven't come out for years, we expect you to fill that void that we so desperately need. C'mon now, the drums and pattern are classic 1-2 Dre steez, but the synth?! #SMH OK, OK, I may be a bit harsh on a song that seems to be unfinished. There's no hook, so maybe it'll just get catchy and end up being a smash in the club. Who knows?

I hope they leaked this song to see what the public thinks. AND DRE, if your reading this, there are already thousands of kids in their bedrooms that are pushing these kinda beats, there's nothing special bout it. No one can replicate what you do, and maybe you should stick to the the sounds and beats you do best. Although, as artists I understand. I'll still buy your album though, cause I love the music and how it sonically sounds!

LISTEN: Dre Dre "Under Pressure" feat. Jay Z

Bay Area Freshman, "Roach Gigz"

The good folk at Thizzler On The Roof reached out to the San Francisco up and comer, Roach Gigz. In my opinion, Roach was the most diverse from the list of Freshman. Delivery wise, he stood out the most to me. He has a website where you can download his latest mixtape, which is quite impressive and reminiscent of the late Mac Dre. Visit: WWW.ROACHGIGZ.COM

Stay tuned, for an interview with Thizzler on Dex Beats! Coming soon to WWW.THIZZLERONTHEROOF.COM


Submit Beats to Cashis of Shady Records/Interscope

I haven't heard much from the Chi-town rapper in a while, but it never hurts to try and send the now, LA bound rapper some of your newest heat. cashisbeats@gmail.com


J-BILLION is Straight Laced!

Fast forward to the middle of this video to see Bay Area's own Beautiful Loser, J-Billion. Well, unless your a fan of Johnny Cupcackes, go'head and watch the complete episode, hosted by a friend, Arnel. I knew Billion was a steezy dude, but cot'damn, I didn't know he had sneaker collection the size of Jordan. To hear more music go to: Jbillion.com


2010 Mortal Kombat?

I read on youtube this was not an official trailer and possibly not even a clip from the movie. WEAK! I hope they make this happen, it got me juiced! Mooooooooortal Kooooooombaaaaaat! LOL!


If you don't know, now you know!

The GoBots "Play At Your Own Risk"

Here is the first video from the Oakland duo GoBots. The Jacka and Lee Majors as well as the mack of the year, Dru Down hit you with an old school video reminiscent of the movies "Breakin" and "Beat Street." "Play At Your Own Risk" comes from the new album entitled, "GoBots 2: D-Boy Era." In stores and online. Enjoy!

JOURNAL: Red Bull Big Tune 2010, San Francisco

It was the morning of June 3rd when I was informed that a producer from the Red Bull Big Tune producer battle backed out. Soon after I got up, I spoke with the curator of the show, Jake One, who personally invited me to fill the void.  The RED BULL BIG TUNE is probably the biggest platform to showcase skills for any upcoming producer, so how can I resist such an opportunity. Now, my brain is in turmoil, the butterflies set and all because it's the day before the event.

Jake One made it mandatory for me to make it to the orientation that night to meet with the other producers, take our photos and get familiar with the agenda. It's now 7pm and I'm headed downtown San Francisco for the orientation and I have yet to put together enough beats to battle.

The dinner at Ooola was great and FREE courtesy of Red Bull. At first I felt uncomfortable, but it actually helped calm my nerves meeting the competition. We ate, conversed, laughed, shared ideas and even the vets schooled us on some helpful tips and strategies. I was enjoying myself, but when the clock struck 9pm I knew I had to head out, and hit the lab for some major battle preparation.

There is no way you can prep for a battle the night before the event without pulling an all nighter. AND that's exactly what I did with the help of a few cans of red bull, a power bar and someone to help fuel a few ideas. Thanks JR! The process of creating the perfect play list was excruciating. I had been in 2 beat battles before and never advanced past the 1st round in either. Losing is hard to forget and leaves you always questioning how and what you could of done to change the outcome. So, this time around I knew exactly what I can do, but in so little time. It is now 10am and I am laying on my studio's couch the day of the battle.

I had one goal in mind that night and that was to make a lasting impression on the crowd and make it passed the first round. I picked beats that people would recognize and created transitions that would just blow peoples minds. My arsenal had 6 major beats and 2 to shuffle around in case I didn't have to go so hard. My first 2 rounds were decided by sudden death, which left me with 2 beats left in the 3rd round. Basically, I had used up all my sure shot beats and I was up against 2008 Oakland Big Tune Champion, Hitmakers. BUT, after winning my first ever battle in the 1st round I was humble, content, and more than happy to be able to be on stage showcasing my talent. I had already felt like a winner before the semi-final round and if you were there to witness The Red Bull Big Tune beat battle, you would've known exactly that!

This will be an experience I will never forget. Thank you all who came out to support. I love you all!


Husalah "You Neva Know" [prod. Dex Beats]

Wow! Just found this one. A little late, LOL! Thanks HUS.

Here's a hot new song from one of the many Messy Marv 2010 releases, The Shooting Range. After doing major time in jail, the Husalah came back for your yall! The song is entitled "You Neva Know" by the Mob Figaz own, The Husalah aka Hus, aka Husalah Husalaaaah. Oakland stand up! Bay Area stand up. The Mob Figaz is ONE again.

Footwork "The Circuit" feat. The Jacka [prod. Dex Beats]

This is a track from Bay Area new comers, Footwork. The song "The Circuit" features one of Oakland's finest artists, The Jacka. Footwork's debut album entitled, "Respect Action" will be released this year under their own independent label, Footwork Denero.

I had the pleasure to work with the crew which consists of Northern California rappers, Benzo & B Koo. Enjoy!


iPhone: Bay Area Beat Factory

I recently was confirmed that I will be a part of a one of a kind iPhone app, "Bay Area Beat Factory."  Look out for it real soon as it is in its final stages. Other producers a part of the iPhone app are, Traxamillion, Droop-E, Sean T, Bedrock, One Drop Scott, Jeffro and many more! Stay tuned.

Red Bull Big Tune 2010, San Francisco


Cousin Fik "Bay Area 51"

I introduce to you not only one of DJ Amen's Top 10 Bay Area Freshman but one of the new additions to E-40's record label, Sick Wit It; Cousin Fik. The Vallejo resident is making a lot of noise in the Bay alongside his label mates Laroo, Droop-E, The DB'z, Nump and many more. His freshman debut, "No Gravity" is available for free download. Check it out!

 Here is his first video Directed The Razor

Mix & Master your music

It's so irritating that most artists these days don't understand how mixing and mastering not only makes your music 10xs better but probably increases your chances of someone NOT skipping your track. I thought I write this article to remind the new and young generation of artist making music to mix and master their projects to the best of their ability. In today's world I wouldn't be surprised if a rap song is produced and recorded every 5 mins in someones bedroom. AND every minute someone is promoting a new song which was NOT mixed and mastered.

This tells me that being able to own a $500 or less home recording setup should be earned. It's 2010 and no one should have to be forced to listen to a song that sounds like you recorded it in your bathroom. AND even it was recorded near your toilet, someone trained can make the most of a poorly recorded song and make it sound stellar. There are recording sound engineers still making $100 - $500 an hour to mix and master music. Do yourself a favor and learn why, or you will not make it in this industry, I promise. Even if you don't have the budget to professionally mix and master your music, there are still tons of skilled engineers like myself that can work with your budget.

People these days rarely even buy albums and instead just bootleg it off the internet. So, why would I want to listen to your mixtape or song if it sonically sounds nothing like an album I can already get for free. Drake is the first ever rapper to have platinum status without having to sell a single record. Now, do you think he would be as big as he is today if his mixtapes were not mixed and mastered?

If you are serious about your music, you should also be serious about your sound.