The Swissha House rapper from Houston is scheduled to release another album this year entitled "Tha Thug Show" which is his follow up to his 2009 album, "Boss of all Bosses." It's been long since Slim Thug was in the lime light. Last I heard of the former Interscope recording artist was his appearance on the "Daily Show" discussing how the recession effected his rap celebrity lifestyle.  Send Slim Thugga some heat HERE


I Love Underground Hip Hop!!

NAS: Hey Young World

Check out this hot new song from Nas entitled, "Hey Young World."

For more of LEVI'S Pioneer Sessions & to Dowload "Hey Young World"


BLVCK SCVLE: Tenderloin Project

B L V C K   S C V L E
55 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 981-9690


R.I.P. B.I.G.
May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997
Big was a huge inspiration to my creativity. He would've been 38 years of age today. I still slap yo songs in the whip BIG! Rap in paradise.



Looks like the Teflon Don, Rick Ross is looking for something new for his untitled 2010 hip hop release. So all you beat makers, producers, what have you, better come with that Miami heat for the ex-correctional officer. LOL! Reminder that gmail emails can get over compacity. AND when it does no emails get through. So act fast!

SUBMIT BEATS: rickrossbeats@gmail.com


Attention all beatmakers: XXL wants to hear what you got. We’re now accepting instrumentals from up-and-coming producers to be featured with XXL’s original video content on one of the most popular online hip-hop destinations, XXLMag.com.
If selected, your track will be heard by millions of monthly visitors as the backdrop to our on-camera interviews with some of the biggest stars in the rap game, along with a guaranteed on-screen credit when your beat is used.

No samples allowed under any circumstance.
No drops.
If interested in submitting your work, hit up: xxlmagbeats@gmail.com. —XXL Staff


Behind the scenes with Lee Majors & The Jacka

In effort to help promote the Oakland duos upcoming release, GoBots 2 "D-Boy Era" we are presented with an in depth look of the first visual from the album,"Play At Your Own Risk." The video will feature Lee Majors, The Jacka, and Dru Down.

Be on the look out for "Gobots 2: D-Boy Era" coming June 1st, 2010!!


Currensy "King Kong" [VIDEO]

The Louisiana bred emcee, Currensy is here with his first visual for his 2010 jump off "Pilot Talk" that will be released under Rocafella. Currensy has been active since 2005. He's ventured with No Limit Records & Young Money Entertainment in the past before even working with Damon Dash of the ROC. Check out more of his music at HERE!

Curren$y - King Kong from Creative Control on Vimeo.


Alicia Keys "Unthinkable" [VIDEO]

I just seen this video today and it's fuckin' dope! I liked the song when I first heard it and this video just brought the true beauty of this musical composition. Not only was I impressed of the visual but when I heard it was shot on the Canon 5D Mark II I was motivated to shoot my first music video. ASAP! enjoy.



I wanted to share this with my fellow hip hop producers because you should know that the opportunity to place music with one of the biggest hip hop moguls is right under your nose. Just be aware that your competing with thousands upon thousands of submissions including myself. Send your best beats and be very patient. Dre McKenzie is willing enough to open the flood gates and give everyone a shot. So here's what to do!

I introduce to you Tammy Torres

If you have MTV Jams you've most likely seen Lil Waynes latest video "I'm Single" in rotation and was thinking to yourself, DAYAAAM! Who is that!? Well, her name is Tammy Torres and were close friends. Sike! Enjoy.

First, the I'm Single Video by Lil Wayne:

Back in the Day with the Mob Figaz

Shout out to Trealmatic on YouTube for posting some waaaaay back shit. Watch Husalah, The Jacka, and Ryda freestyle.


Crazy LOL!

This is a remix to Katt Williams weed skit from "Chronicles of a Pimp Vol. 1". It was produced by DJ Steve Porter who is also responsible for the "Slap Chop" remix and numerous NBA remixes. Enjoy! Be sure to check out his youtube channel for more crazt remixes.

The worst thing that could happen at a Track & Field event has to be a Pole up yo gooch! LMFAO.



Here is another short documentary from the same guy that brought you the Scrapertown Documentary on scraper bikes in Oakland. His name is "California is a Place" of vimeo, Cannonball is one of his earlier videos depicting how the recession fucked up the city of Fresno, thus leaving many, many nice homes with pools in foreclosure. Now, that these houses are vacant and some towns left deserted, it left a gigantic amusement park for Skaters to skate pools. Another mans garbage is another mans treasure. In this case, ONLY IN CALIFORNIA!!


OAKLAND, CA "Home of the Scraper Bike"

Why do I love California, especially the Bay Area? Because, of its rich culture. We are innovators, trendsetters, and we have a beautiful story to tell. "The Scraper Bike King" Short Documentary can be seen at the 'Cannes Independent Film Festival' May 12- 23, 2010.  Enjoy this!

Looking to turn that BMX into a scraper? Here's some tape:


Drake "Find Your Love" [VIDEO]

Video is ill, beat is dope (produced by Kanye West), NO MORE AUTO TUNE!!!!

Drugs in Philippines, Guns & Guillotines

Capone & Noriega are back! Other than the contextual context of the song, I felt hip hop! It must be the beat, the goggles, and Carheart.


Top 10 Bay Area FRESHMAN!

This list was put together by 106 KMEL's resident DJ; AMEN in effort to promote Bay Area's young and rising talents. The list is in no particular order either. In my opinion, I think these freshmen have tons of potential. These videos are based on the "recently uploaded" feature on YouTube. My 2 cents I'll keep to myself, scream at me!












Ironman 2: After the credits

I caught Ironman's midnight showing last night because just like everyone, were all Marvel geeks at heart. In my opinion the sequel was just as good as the the first. I can't hate on Robert Downey Jr. The guy plays Tony Starks perfect AND Scarlett Johansen is a cold hearted killer. Well, other than a review that wouldn't do the movie justice, I wanted to share with you the easter egg at the end of the credits for the people that would rather leave when movies are done. I did. Enjoy!



The GoBots 2 "D Boy Era"

Oakland rappers The Jacka & Lee Majors are scheduled to release their sequel to The Go Bots series June 1st, 2010 entitled "D-Boy Era" the follow up to the self titled 2008 release, "Go Bots". The new album will feature new songs with, Husalah, Messy Marv, Freeway, Keak da Sneak, and more. Not to mention a song produced by Dex Beats on the follow up "GoBots 2.5". Here is their first single off the album entitled, "Patty Cake" feat. Paul Wall.

Be on the look out for "Gobots 2: D-Boy Era" coming June 1st, 2010!!


The Go Bots "Patty Cake" (dirty)

The Go Bots "Patty Cake" (radio)



Kurupt "Questions"Kurupt is goin' iiiiiin on this track. Seems like a lot of unfinished business. Sick!

Ice Cube "I Rep that West" (trailer): The rapper/actor went all out on this. Lol. West Up! 

Wu Tang vs Waka Flocka

The beef is not totally targeted at Waka, but more of the lyrical content of all these cookie cutter rappers these days. Method Man is speaking the truth on whatever radio show he's on, alongside with Ghostface. It's true though, the kids don't know the roots of Hip Hop. I don't even think that most of these X generation kids know that it consist of 4 major elements. SMH.

"These n*ggas ain't rhyming anymore, B!" -Ghostface

Video Provided by DatPiff.com


Beat session with Lee Majors & Dru Down

Dru Down, the mack of the year is fresh out and the big homie, Lee Majors has him in the Stay Tooned studio working on his next album. That night Lee Majors made it a mission to find some major slap. He went through over 100s of beats that night from his email, but gave me the opportunity to slide by the Oakland studio to play some personally for Dru Down and himself. It went well. I wanted to showcase Dru Down at work more than anything else. So, not too much Dex Beats and more of Dru in this vlog.

Dru Down's album "Chronicles of a Pimp" will be releasing this year sometime in the Summer, so be on the look out. AND I believe Lee Majors is coming out with an album entitled "Turkey Bag Boy" as well.

Lee Majors also gave me a snippet of a track with himself and Jessica Rabbit over a Dex Beat. It sounded ill and mentioned a possible video. So, stay tuned!!  Enjoy.