It's been over 10 years since I last picked up a can of spray paint and actually got down. Actually, it was also the same scenario for fellow graffiti artist, KORS & DOER. So bare with us.

Painting graffiti in the daylight got to be one of the freshest activities under the sun. I had the pleasure of painting a wall in San Francisco on Bluxome Street alongside with 3 other good friends, KORS, DOER & SOROK. It was an effort to help uplift our hip hop roots in memory of a close friend, Julius Torres. Painting on legal walls eliminates the pressures of looking over our shoulders scoping for cops. AND being able to paint with MONTANA PAINT was bliss. Real talk, if you haven't painted with Montana you really are missing out.

I'm hoping this will be an ongoing series of videos. Next time, I'll be sure to film a time lapse so you can see the process. Trust. AND YES!! I can paint. Well kind of. LOL!

Thanks for watching!

www.mtncolors.com not to be confused by Montana-cans.

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BBOY said...

Just found out yesterday that he passed away... RIP and happy belated Bday man.