This tribute is dedicated to Julius Steven Torres. Rock in Paradise.

I wanted to write this tribute to a crew responsible for molding me into the artist, musician and producer I am today. April 11, 2010 I attended Jules' memorial in Daly City, the birth place of the legendary Concrete Rockers. I seen a lot of old faces and had to pretty much reintroduce myself to everyone again. After almost 18 years, its sad to have to meet everyone again under these circumstances, but having known Jules helped me realize where a lot of my Hip Hop roots came from. That night I was most emotional when I saw the crew start a circle in memory of their lost brother. Watching them reminded me of the power of Hip Hop and why I love it so much.

Concrete Rockers was the first group of friends that thrived on the culture of Hip Hop. It was maybe '93, maybe '94, the golden era of Hip Hop when my sister introduced me to the Concrete Rockers. As far as I can remember, they were the first group of friends that b-boyed, tagged, emceed, and DJ'ed all in the same room, all at the same time and all for the love of Hip Hop. It was a family thing and I loved that about them.

Julius reminded me of those beautiful days and how it manifested into my everyday life. I am truly grateful for meeting Con Rok. They are the reason why I live and breath Hip Hop. Thanks bro!

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