J Billion "Number 8" [VIDEO]

Another video shot at the studio. This time in the "Lobby" with the white back drop. Here's some behind the scene footage. [Plug] Need a one stop shop recording studio? Holla at me. 37Hundred.com

This is the actual video.

"Number 8" is from JBillion's solo debut "Beautiful Loser". ALWAYS ON iTUNES.

J BILLION "Chevy, Stang and Hemi"

J Billion covers the "Beamer, Benz and Bentley" jump off. DAMN! Don't sleep.

J Billion "Chevy, Stang & Hemi"


I introduce to you J. COLE, again.

This is Jay-Z's newest addition to his new record label Roc Nation. The kid is mad nice. Delivery and content is all there. His song "Song for the Ville" is a tribute to his hometown. I can relate to this song, and I'm sure you will too. It's one of my favorites right now. His rhyme over Mob Deep's "Shook Ones" is just raw as fuck! He's definitely someone to look out for this year. He produces his own beats too.

J. COLE "Song for the Ville"

J. COLE "Shook Ones (freestyle)"

Lil Wayne & Eminem [VIDEO]

Saw this at the Barbershop the other day. Thought I share it with you. I just love the climax into the hook, reminds me of "One Mic" by Nas.

Erykah Badu "Window Seat" [Video]

This video is, ugh, Erykah Badu'ish! Enjoy. She gets butt nekkid!



ABSOLUT Vodka presents "NY-Z", a new 15-minute documentary featuring Jay-Z. The film was directed by Danny Clinch. Watch the 15-minute film at Facebook.com/ABSOLUT.


The FEB & MARCH beat catalog

This year picked up real fast and I had to figure out how to shop beats to two different parties. That being said it takes me at least 2 months to be able to make at least 50 beats and be able to shop to the majors without having to sell beats that are being shelved for possible placements. Make any sense? I thought so. Enjoy.

Download Catalog

Also, if you haven't figured yet; the catalogs will be coming out bi-monthly now!



Smoother? $40 dollars! Hip Hop's new staple. SMH! Nothin' but Hennessy for me!

Supposedly Swiss Beats made the theme song. I ain't feelin' it. They need to have a gangsta' version.

The Jacka & Lee Majors "Go Bots 2" (snippets)




106 KMEL's Ms. Bay Booty

Here is my first vlog edit with the Canon 5D MarkII. It's to help awareness for the Ms Bay Booty contest that 106 KMEL is having. Bailey had asked me to help with the video, so I thought here is a perfect chance to practice with the camera and actually dealing with compression and exporting. What do you think?

IF you think you got what it takes to be Ms. Bay Booty 2010 or know someone that qualifies register now at 106 KMEL

ALSO, if you need any video work done. HOLLA!

"What the Buns Do" produced by Tha Rolla



An alternate video to Kid Cuddi's "Pursuit of Happiness"

You like this song don't front. Who doesn't? I think it's cool. If Taylor Swift could rap, this is what it would sound like.

FRRRRRRREAKNIK!!! feat. TPAIN with out auto tune RAPPIN' on a Turf Talk beat. SICK!


The Day the Turf Stood Still

Davinci's solo debut album has finally arrived. AND I must add that I've had the album for a month now, and it is still in my CD changer. Its a thorough listen from top to bottom, and you shouldn't be disappointed if you love good quality hip hop that speaks nothing but the truth and history of San Francisco and its greater Fillmore district. Listen to the album at: www.swtbrds.com/davinci


The Evangillest "GOONS" feat. Bambu [VIDEO]

Produced by the Ninja, DEX BEATS! The Evangillest got stripes, bwuaaay! He been in the game for a while now making great music from Cali to New York. Trust me. If you like hip hop, stay on the look out and copp his latest.

Directed by Charles Barcelona for Right Lane Ent.


Bambu "Slow Down" feat. Prometheus Brown [VIDEO]

This shit go haaaard!! This will be off Bambu's latest release, "Paper Cuts".


Davinci "What you finna do?" (VIDEO)

Davinci's debut album The Day The Turf Stood Still - scheduled to hit the streets on March 9, 2010. This is his first full length video off the album.

See the recording booth in the video? Look familiar? 37Hundred Buwwuuaaay!