Rocky Rivera

Rocky and I go waaay back. Just 5 years ago, she was attending our shows watching us. Oh how, the tables have turned. Watching her perform at her record release party had me reminiscing how we used to have ciphers when we smoked just for shits and giggles. Little did I know she was actually honing her craft. One memory I have of Ms. Rocky Rivera in the making was during our road trip to LA. We smoked all the way up, blunt after blunt, and FREESTYLED the whole way. I remember we had like 500 instrumentals or something. Those were the days! We don't kick it as much as we used to, but it's nothing but family when we link! Congrats sis.

The album came out real solid. It's very refreshing and diverse. What I like about Rocky is that she can adapt to any beat. The beat I produced is living proof she can rock any tempo, any style, and sound good doin' it.

I introduce to you again, Rocky Rivera.

"Grimy" produced by Dex Beats

BUY her solo debut self titled, "ROCKY RIVERA"

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