Ya Boy signs to Konvict Music

Ya Boy signs to Akon's Konvict Music Record Label. Yup you heard it! The San Francisco native from Fillmore is an official major label act. Particularly apart of Columbia/Epic records. Yowwzers! Congrats homie. Hope to make more music with you soon.

This from Ya Boy's official twitter:

This song is from "The Cityboy Bailey" Mixtape Vol. 1. DOWNLOAD HERE


Every fortune 500 company has a brand that you recognize. This year for 2010 I made DEXBEATS reminiscent of the classic LASONIC ghetto blaster. I hope to remind my audience that my music will stay classic and SLAPS like a heavy duty boombox.

If you need help with design, holla at me. I got bars!




E-40 double disc album droppin' March 3/30


My new mobile studio!! Bwwuaay!!

I just got a new laptop in the mail which means, I can now make beats at home which I haven't been able to do in almost 4 years, I can take it with me to other studios, be able to bounce out beats on the fly, and be 1000x's more productive.

The BAY AREA PRODUCER just got a major upgrade.


HopieSpitshard "Yummy" [VIDEO]

This video is FRRRESH! Not just fresh, but imagine Q-Bert scratching that shit over duck breaks, "FRESH" , ya diiig. The concept, MC WACK (JBillion), the intro, the innerludes etc. I mean, what more can you ask for? Del the Funky Homosapien wit a Flip. Hopie is definitely carving her lane and always kept it "HOPIE". She came a loong way and I'm proud to see the ladies in my circle pushin that envelope real tough!! What will she do next? www.hopiespitshard.com



Skuba of the elite IVY LEEGUE'S latest mixtape is nothing but pure flava! In my opinion, it's really hard to find an album these days that you'll actually buy at Best Buy and enjoy. The best thing you'll find worth your time is FREE these days. AND one of those gems are here for download at www.3DayWeekendMixtapes.com. ENJOY!

Kid Cuddi "Pursuit of Happiness"

Great video, particularly the very end in the bathroom. Genius!

BAILEY FT YA BOY - N.N.I.C. (New Niggaz in Charge

You already know! Bailey in LA keeping it connected with the fam bam. Dipped in BLVCK SCVLE. Don't forget to download his latest mixtape P.A.I.D.


Hopie Hopie Hopie

Check out the set up for HopieSpitshard's latest video "Yummy". GENIUS!

The music video will premiere tonight at SOM in SF. Look it up!
More details HERE

Papalote's ADOBURRITO!! I love SF!



Damn'it!! Pharcyde's DROP video is a favorite of all time, and Alex is doing his next video in reverse!! FUCKIN' DOPE!! You're lucky I don't rap no more cause I would've beat you to the punch. No worries, keep up the ill work bwuaay! You got my support. Stay Tuned!

Shout out to Lorenzo!

Jern Eye feat. Spank Pops and J Billion "CALI"

Spank Pops and J Billion on another California song is not a coincidence. LOL. Enjoy.


BAPC 2010

The Bay Area Producer Conference is definitley a great place to network!! If you are anybody trying to be a factor in the music industry, particularly in the BAY, YOU NEED TO BE HERE!!

This year the BAPC is going to be held at The Fort Mason in San Francisco on Saturday July 24th, 2010.


Rocky Rivera

Rocky and I go waaay back. Just 5 years ago, she was attending our shows watching us. Oh how, the tables have turned. Watching her perform at her record release party had me reminiscing how we used to have ciphers when we smoked just for shits and giggles. Little did I know she was actually honing her craft. One memory I have of Ms. Rocky Rivera in the making was during our road trip to LA. We smoked all the way up, blunt after blunt, and FREESTYLED the whole way. I remember we had like 500 instrumentals or something. Those were the days! We don't kick it as much as we used to, but it's nothing but family when we link! Congrats sis.

The album came out real solid. It's very refreshing and diverse. What I like about Rocky is that she can adapt to any beat. The beat I produced is living proof she can rock any tempo, any style, and sound good doin' it.

I introduce to you again, Rocky Rivera.

"Grimy" produced by Dex Beats

BUY her solo debut self titled, "ROCKY RIVERA"

Bailey let Ya Boy know..

LOL. This is gon' be classic. These viral shorts are taking off! Get right or get left, bwwuuaaay!



What can I say? This is BIG. This is how I know that hard work pays off. "The Grind is a Terrible thing to waste". Be on the look out for more Mistah FAB x Dex Beats collabos.

"Bailey's P.A.I.D. (Patience And Intense Dedication"

UGHH YEAH! Download Bailey's latest. Shit, slaps..like you din't know!