LEAK: DaVinci "Its On Me"

So, the first day I met DaVinci was in the basement of my old studio about 2 years ago. He actually walked in wit Quinn that day. Calm and collect is how I remember him. At the time, he was featured in STASH magazine where he gave us a tour around his block. Fillmore, buwuaaay! It was a coincidence to see him in person after reading the article. About 2 years after we get reacquainted at Sneaker pimps, and shortly after that, one of his producers, Al Jieh of SWTBRDS moves into the STASH office, which is not too far from my studio. The rest is history.

I introduce to you DaVinci. Don't act like you didn't know!

The Song:
"It's On Me"

Up and coming emcee DaVinci is hard at work making a name for himself. Recently signing with Bay-Area label SWTBRDS Creative Collective, DaVinci will soon unleash his music onto the masses with his debut album The Day The Turf Stood Still - scheduled to hit the streets on March 9, 2010. Building momentum for the release, in addition to releasing material from his upcoming debut, DaVinci will be releasing three bonus tracks not on the album. Rather than throwaways, all three are album-quality songs, simply completed too late to make the final cut. Up first, DaVinci offers us "It's On Me," and with this initial offering, gives listeners, both familiar and unfamiliar with DaVinci's prior work, a window into his prior life - telling his own story of struggling his way out of a lifestyle of crime, taking big steps to help himself move up in the world. Raps DaVinci, "I'm at the bottom with the roaches and rats, but I'm climbing to the top with the snakes and cats." Hoping to affect a greater change in the world than merely tell his own story, DaVinci looks at "It's On Me" as a way to both inspire and prove his own merits. "I came up wit the concept to inspire people to take initiative for their hustle," says DaVinci. "The message here is, 'If I don't do it, nobody else will,' so I felt the need to convey exactly why I think people should give my music a chance."

The slick production is courtesy of Vancouver producer Blunt, behind all three forthcoming pre-album tracks, perhaps most well known for his production efforts with Freeway – Blunt produced a majority of Freeway's Month Of Madness. DaVinci was introduced to Blunt through a mutual friend over email, and was an instant fan of his beats: "The track was dope without anyone even rapping on it, so I just wanted to make sure that there was a marriage between the beat and my lyrics."


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