The Jacka feat Freeway "They Don't Know"

This right here is one of my favorites off "Tear Gas". No Bullshit. AND Jacka & Freeway's duo album is gon' be CRRACK!! A very good look. SHOUTS OUT TO PHILLY!!

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"Caliway" J-Billion ft. Spank Pops & 1OAK

J-Billion's video debut at Hip Hop in the Park at the Golden Gate park. Produced and directed by the infamous DJ Vinroc. These are real folks right here. Shouts to Honor Roll, 5th Platoon, Triple Threat, TRUE, and Risky Biz. Congratz on a successful video.


Mad props to 50!!

BTW, 50's latest "Before I Self Destruct" is a crack album. Have you heard it yet?


Rest in Paradise Charlotte M. Battle

Please help us memorialize the life of our mother, Charlotte M. Battle, by contributing a few dollars to this fund. We are unfortunately left not only without our mother, but also without financial resources needed to properly bury her. We are also looking to hold a memorial service for her on the week, date to be determined, of her birthday, January 8th.


"The Seven Day Threory with TUFLUV is way passed post production. We will release early 2010. Stay tuned, and please help and donate. TUF would appreciate it."

SKUBA x ERK THA JERK "Outta My Head"

This is off SKUBA's second mixtape. Not sure what the title is, but stay tuned!


The DJ X2000

This is an oldie but goodie. I thought I share it with you!

Sex, Drugs, and Hollywood

Artistic videos like these intrigue me. Especially when the soundtrack zones you out! Too bad, its Lindsey Lohan and there is nothing artistic nor mysterious about that.


BEETIKI "I AM I" (Solo Debut)

This album is a masterpiece that BeeTiki and I started 2 years ago in his garage. I think we had about 30 songs archived to pick from. He had top priority on all my beats. So, if he heard something he liked; it was recorded pretty much the next day or on the spot. We put a lot of time and effort, money, blood and sweat into this project. Support this album and buy this at iTunes. Visit www.BeeTiki.com for direct links. THIS IS MY FIRST EXECUTIVE PRODUCED project. I am very pleased how it came out! ELEMNOP for life.


The 41FUNK Collective

These guys are fam for life. We may not kick it like we grew up together, but we definitely been around each other long enough to have a strong bond. We grew up on HIP HOP, and we met through HIP HOP, and when we connect we talk about MUSIC every time. These guys have always been a huge inspiration to me. Check out this documentary and I'll see you at a 41Funktion!


THE UPDATE with Lee Majors

I drove out to Oakland to meet with Lee Majors so I can give him more beats for upcoming projects and he was kind enough to give me a brief update on some of the music I've produced. What songs go on which albums are tentative, but I can assure you that they will drop early next year. Enjoy!



NOVEMBER was an experimental month for me. A lot of synths and keys, rarely any samples but the first cut. Tell me what you think!

Come see me at the "FOR THE LOVE" beat battle!!

Phillip Drummond gave me a call and asked me to participate. I was like ughh, how much? LOL. Not much, but it's at Club 6 in San Francisco, so I was like, "FOSHO!!" A beat battle at Club 6? Thats grimey, I like grimey. Come out!!



Honestly the first listen was dope!! AND halfway through it I thought to myself "HIP HOP will never die in the BAY. Fabbies beat selection is off the hook with production from Tha Bizness, Rob Lo, Cozmo etc. AND features from SNOOP DOGG, WIZ KHALIFA, J-STALIN, SHADY NATE, KILLA KYLEON, YA BOY, GLASSES MALONE, STEVIE JOE, MESSY MARV, JAMILLIONS AND MORE.

BTW, #03 "All I See" is produced by yours truly Dex Beats!
additional keys played by @enochalot