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Here is a screen shot!


Elemnop x Manny Pacquiao

Check out this track I've produced for my best friend Tiki, for his solo debut "I AM I". The track is called "Sige" which means "GO!" in the Philippines. Stay tuned. The album is FIRE and already in press.

Top off the roof of Nike Town San Francisco!

Manny Paxquiao vs Cotto this Saturday! I'm wit NIKE on this one.

You know I'm a sucka for Keyboards!

This is from the funtheory.com website. I ran into the link after Sabzi from the group Blue Scholars posted it on Twitter. I now want one in my house! Yee.


Spank Pops "Make It"

To me Spank will always be that dude chillin on the bar stool at TRUE always clowning on me and my boys for not buying anything. Years later I finally got acquainted with him when we both played at the Mezzanine for the Lupe Fiasco show in 2006. Funny thing was that he remembered us. Lol. Real good dude and one of the few honest rappers in SF. Honor Roll biyyyaatch!!

Here is his latest video of his newest album "Beautiful Noize", which by the way is a easy listen. That feel good, hot box music! Now available on iTunes.

Make It from Aris Jerome on Vimeo.

Look out for those Spank Pops x Dex Beats tracks!


My new business card for Dex Beats.

The inspiration for my business card came from the infamous Lasonic TRC-931 boombox. If you need a business card done, holla at me!!



The October 2009 BEAT CATALOG

I'm really happy with how this Catalog came out. At times I sat in front of the keyboard and said to my self, "thats how you started it last time, try something else." My favorite beats would have to be #250 & #255.


STASH presents "Now U Know" Vol. 1

This is what you call love for the struggling independent. #5 & #9 produced by ME!