I met Barnone up the block from my house at an independent barbershop/clothing store/music etc etc. in South City about 2 years ago. I was introduced by a good friend and off top he was interested in checkin out the lab. We met up maybe a week later and I played him some beats and it was a wrap after that. We've been coo' since! Here is his latest video, "Da Gig":

Who is Alexander Spit? I asked myself the same question after hearing his name from credible sources. We met for the first time at 37Hundred 2 months ago. He laid a verse for one of Enoch's upcoming projects over one of my beats. We spoke about music and why I should go to BAPC and shit on everyone at the morning battle for not qualifying. Funny thing, I qualified! They were just late. Dude is real down to earth and talented. We need to link more often. Here is his latest off his album, "Open 24hrs":

We grindin' out here! It ain't easy.

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