Change of plans.

So, I was supposed to be at the Phill Drummond beat battle last night to play beats along with kev da khemist, Povan, hmd, inevitable, poetiq, Self One, MERK, scandal, Path, 6fingers, AC, Engine Ears, Remshot, DJ DSkryb and Looshus (crazy line up huh), BUT I got a call from the The Jacka inviting me to come to his crib. Mind you, this would make it my second time meeting The Jacka. So, instead of playing beats at ICON that night, I played more beats for Jack, Lee Majors, and Cellski. Less business and more of an initiation in my opinion. AND I think were in cause @Enochalot and my girlfriend beat Jack and Cellski at their own game, Spades.

We also waited for the internet world premier to Jacka's new video, "Glamorous Lifestyle".

Overall, a good night! Stay tuned for the vlog.

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