The Beaterator? LOL!

Timbo is definitely the dude. But this is just ridiculous. Thats my opinion.



I'll be on stage along side with BeeTiki. Buy your presale tickets here and come through. There will be HELLA SHOES exhibited, for sale or trade. PLUS the homie JBillion will be performing and "THE CLIPSE". See you there.

"Sneaker Pimps is the worlds largest touring sneaker hip-hop lifestyle exhibition featuring over 1500 pairs of rare, limited edition, vintage, celebrity signed, artists collaborated sneakers and a collection of sneaker inspired artwork, fashion and photography."


Dex Beats meets with The Jacka pt. 2

Relationships is what makes the music industry work. If you can't reach the source and shake hands and leave good first impressions, it'll be your loss. Less than a month ago we met at the mall. This time we at the crib smoking, drinking, playing spades, listening to new music, and of course pickin' some new beats! Enjoy.


Change of plans.

So, I was supposed to be at the Phill Drummond beat battle last night to play beats along with kev da khemist, Povan, hmd, inevitable, poetiq, Self One, MERK, scandal, Path, 6fingers, AC, Engine Ears, Remshot, DJ DSkryb and Looshus (crazy line up huh), BUT I got a call from the The Jacka inviting me to come to his crib. Mind you, this would make it my second time meeting The Jacka. So, instead of playing beats at ICON that night, I played more beats for Jack, Lee Majors, and Cellski. Less business and more of an initiation in my opinion. AND I think were in cause @Enochalot and my girlfriend beat Jack and Cellski at their own game, Spades.

We also waited for the internet world premier to Jacka's new video, "Glamorous Lifestyle".

Overall, a good night! Stay tuned for the vlog.


This time its for FUN!!

I ain't afraid to admit the first Battle was for the money. C'mon now, 1k just to play beats? Let alone I still can't sell a beat for 1k. LOL.

I'll be here tonight playing beats or battling what have you. I'll update this post later on with some vid and outcome.



I had the pleasure to meet the Black Scale fam through JBillion. I wanted to give them a shout cause they keep the boy draped up! Mega & Alfred, actually laced me up for the BAPC battle. I support their grind and efforts. The gear is solid, and I can't complain. I'm a simple dude, and a sucka for black and white tees!

Here are the latest samples from their blog:

If you live in San Francisco their store is located on San Jose Ave, right next door to the barbershop, FINELINES. Which is also where I get cut. I couldn't ask for more.



"STASH" Bailey feat. Ya Boy [VIDEO]

I finally got a video made to one of my productions! I am truly blessed. Shout out goes to @DigitalProduct out in LA that put the video together. He is a talented individual that can do it all. Look him up, he's done tons of work for Ya Boy.

A big shout to bay area producer Droop-E (e-40's son) and Da Roola for the cameos.



Man I'm slippin. The catalog has been posted on my website, but I forgot about the blogspot. Enjoy!

ALSO! I posted a new clearance section on the website. $50 for a limited time only. Hit me: dexbeats@gmail.com


Listening session with The Jacka

Tear Gas just came out and The Jacka may be one of the hottest artist in the Bay right now. That being said, lets roll the tape. Enjoy!

Thanks for watching.

Here's a CLASSIC fo'that azz:


Blue Scholars "Hi-808" [Video]

I met Geo (@prometheusbrown) and his producer @Sabzi for the first time when the MYX channel came to do a Blue Scholar interview at 37Hundred last year. Very down to earth! I remember asking Geo if we can link up sometime to work on some music, and maybe 2 months later when he came down to do a show, we rocked up a song together alongside Kiwi & BeeTiki. Dope track. Unreleased! Soon to be surfaced. Trust.

Here is their latest video. Filmed in 808. Not the drum, the area code. Hawaii!! I'm jealous. Lol. Enjoy!



It was last year Quinn told me that his brother Bailey was looking for some beats. He gave me his hard line and it was a wrap after that. We went back and forth over email and texts about our plan for an Exclusive mixtape with STASH magazine. About 4 months later and a month @ 37Hundred, we got ourselves a mixtape, BUWUUAAY!!

I designed the album art too. What do you think?

DOWNLOAD "City Boy Bailey" HERE
Shout out to DJ SwiftRock for mixing the project & ThaRolla for mixing and mastering the mixtape. Thanks!

Classic SLAP from the Champ!!

PARTAKE Aug. 7th @ Mighty SF

JBillion released "Beautiful Loser" yesterday and this FRIDAY at Mighty SF he will have his release party! A very good look. It seems like there's a strong machine behind this movement and I wish JB all the success. PARTAKE!! I will.

I had my thoro listen to the album on my way to San Jose yesterday. AND it's really good music. REAL FLY & STEEZY. The album is a perfect introduction to who JBILLION is.

If you wish to buy the CD in San Francisco visit these stores: HUF, TRUE, BLVCK SCVLE or online at Cdbaby.com