My first beat battle/showcase @ BAPC

Did you ever think the bay area could pull of the first Producer Conference? Shiiiieit, I was patiently waiting. There was A LOT of Bay Area artist that came through. AND, if you were a producer and not there? THEN, I probably have a few more essential numbers than you. BUT, if you wanna send beats to BUN B / Rapalot, then send'em to submit2rapalot@gmail.com 60 at a time. I know @Cozmo did. AND it took 2 months for BUN to pick one. Which, proves that consistency will prevail. AND he just placed A BEAT with BUN B and his stock just went up. Also, if you want to send beats to 50 cent and GUNIT, then get at GUNIT's A&R Dre McKenzie who doesn't mind listening to beats everyday. (keyword: Dre McKenzie)

Thank you to the judges Michael Denten, Cozmo and Rick Rock for showing me love and giving me great feedback.

So, now the matter at hand. This is how I did at the battle:

Sitting in that room for 6hrs soaking up game and waiting to battle made me realize how easy it is to place music. AND its not thru battling, but relationships. Also, there's so many producers/artists locally, that it's no longer who you know, but who knows you that counts. Network = Net-worth.

Also, if it weren't for 17Hertz's very generous contribution, I wouldn't be so bummed. LOL! Oh yah. I lost. :)

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