Pixação (Brazillian Tagging)

Covering buildings throughout São Paulo, pixação is a style of graffiti native to Brazil and known for its simple, angular lines. In this video, learn the city streets with Joao Wainer, photographer and co-director of a documentary on the subject, who fills us in on the culture and history.


My own Michael Jackson Tribute

The day MJ passed I canceled my appointments and rocked up something special for him. If you're a rapper and would like this instrumental let me know and I'll send it over. I sure thats how Michael would of wanted it. Enjoy.

Also, the beat is composed of 6 Michael Jackson songs. The only addition to the beat were a few 808s.


Michael Jackson. You will never be forgotten.

Today, Michael Jackson passes. He was such a big inspiration for me growing up. I was really hoping on his next move. AND, Through all the bullshit and stories; he will always be the best! Fuck you hatraz!

This is my all time favorite video.

AND here it is Live!!

Freedom Wednesdays

Wednesday use to be JBillion day, but since were done rockin' up his album "Beautiful Loser" (Aug '09) I am now dubbing the day Freedom Wednesday due to the fact I get to use the studio with whomever I like free of charge. *idea* Look out for a "Freedom Wednesday" mixtape.

Today, at Freedom Wednesday I made music with Jbillion, Enoch and Hopiespitshard. On some crrazzzy sheit. Grime'sque. It was Hopiespitshard first time at 37Hundred. She said, "sooo this is the famous Dex studio." Niice. I'm famous. Thanks. In return, one of my favorite cuts of her album; "Diamond Dame." Go copp it.


City Boy Bailey Mixtape vlog #2 feat. Ya Boy

It was great to see Bailey and Ya Boy in the studio together that day. I remember Bailey calling me up and letting me know that he was on the way to 37Hundred after he swoops Ya Boy up. I wasn't even sure if we were going to make music. BUT, sure thing; you put these 2 beasts in the same studio and it's gonna be heated. Fillmore stand up!! The exclusive mixtape, entitled "City Boy Bailey" will be released soon. Only at StashOnline.com.

AND just in case you missed vlog #1


Ya Boy the Rockstar

As you already know, I've been in the studio with Bailey the Champ working on our exclusive mixtape with Stash Magazine. AND, today Bailey brought in yet another Fillmore superstar, Ya Boy. Humble dude, and adapted well to my humble studio, 37Hundred.com. He did me a favor and twitted to his 5,000 plus followers about the session and like he said, "watch the new followers roll in." Lol. I got 7 new ones. Thanks bruh. In return, I share with you one of his videos. HOLLA!


Anotha Taydatay hit!!

Today, big homie Napalm from Sav Life brought Taydatay to the studio. What!?! I just wanted to share this with you cause I felt honored to work with yet another San Francisco legend. 11/5 was on repeat in '95. AND the gist of the story was Taydatay rockin up a song on strength for me. Look out for it!! The beat is also co-produced by Enoch.



Cause you need to know!!!


I would say that this catalog was a very interesting one. Not only was my intern a guest producer, but the variety of style and genre was evenly distributed. We got some club jump offs, some gangsta shit, some shit for the ladies, summer vibes and of course that one curve ball. Again, if you need to holler at me. HIT ME ON TWITTER!! Lol. @DexBeats