37Hundred: April 6-10, 2009

I remember the week gloomy & cold and come to think of it I was just getting over a cold myself. I had a few of cancellations at the studio, so this video came up short, but we managed. Not bad for the first installment huh? There will definitely be more to come. Actually, I hope I can knock out 3 videos minimum every month. As long as I can get about 4hrs every Friday to edit the footage, then we gooooood!

Leave a comment or any suggestions.

Also, in addition to her time at 37Hundred, here is a recent video for EyeASage's upcoming album. Enjoy!

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Matty Moe said...

DEX BEATS is A master at 37hundred studios! you can hear/feel the Professionalism & Heart that goes into his work. Shout outs to DEX BEATS

Matty Moe